Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Huge September Revelations...(to me)

- First of all, I don't like when I order a Sweet Tea from McDonald's - a very good sweet tea by the way - and get a cup with 75% ice. This is my first thought coming out of the coma of sleep that normally follows a three-day shoot.

- The video shoot went great. I was nervous, only because I wasn't behind the camera. One thing that I had to learn during this process is how to TRUST OTHERS. Most folks like to say TRUST NO ONE but that's an easy way to get nothing done. I have a good team and when they are not working at all they love to work very hard. I trust them, much more so after the video shoot.

- Raph, 2wo, Sherese, Clark, Will, B-Pack, Breeve Lowery, Blind I, Endangered Peace, Yellow B, The Lyrikists, Double Threat, Hustle Simmons and Eighty81.com, and plenty of others were in the building. Thank You. Some people couldn't come. alright.

People are asking me to post pics and vids of the video shoot. Um, I didn't take any. SO IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND HAVE SOME, post away here on the blog, facebook, and wherever you'd like.

- The BIGGEST REVELATION over the past few days came when we went to BOYS TOWN, a locale in Chicago where we actually shot some footage for "I Am (Obama)". Called Boys Town because well, there are a lot of LGBTQ...'s there. And Clark, Raph, and Cep (and I) were having the best convo ever about...well...Boys Town. Is Boy's Town any more gay (gayer) than other gay centralities in the U.S. and I said, "you know, being from Chicago automatically makes you 27% Gay", which I believe is true.

And before you start, you know how I feel about homosexuality in theory and practice. I don't, but I also totally disagree with how the Church handles it. I think they couldn't be FURTHER away from the gospel of Christ. In short, they're being gay about being gay.

(Private emails come....NOW). Just wait til you see the video though. Let's move on.

- If T-Pain wants to trick on you, make him take you somewhere better than Wisconsin, Canada, or Colorado. Fine places all of them, but you don't want a mansion in Wiscansin.

- My mother is a financial advisor (Series-7 licensed with others) for Chase and has told me to inform you that REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HEAR, don't take your money out of the bank. It's FDIC insured for up to 100,000 dollars. And you don't have that much money, so you're covered. People with more should think seriously about keep account limits to the FDIC amount.

And please Tithe and think about becoming a Philanthropist.

- Go Sox...the Thrill is Gone on the whole Griffey thing, but we have one more game tonite to make the playoffs. And of all teams we are playing the Minnesota Twins. The team I personally hate and respect the most. I don't even know why Minnesota is a state. Canada could have it if they wanted, and the Twins.

- People who Twitter and Facebook and blog until the near ends of the Earth (seriously, like 23 hours a day) kinda bug me. It's not that I don't care or don't appreciate your latest revelation (some of this stuff is great) but I don't EVER EVER want to know what you had for lunch. EVER...and I promise you won't know mine.

Because I didn't eat.


Anonymous mrl one said...

i was born and raised in boys town.
addison & halsted
i ain't no %27 gay.

September 30, 2008 6:14 PM  
Blogger CaesarKwest said...

I need to explain this...give me a couple of days and you'll laugh about it. MRL sounding real serious right now...lol...love

September 30, 2008 8:38 PM  
Blogger CepEvans said...

hahahah...fa real...fam got tight on that one...I propose a separate post for that statement alone.

October 1, 2008 7:13 AM  
Anonymous b. pack said...

Yeah...I need some explaining on this 27%...I think I know were you going though.

Can't wait to see the footage....Raph has some production shots on his camera...so I say bug him.

October 1, 2008 10:36 AM  

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