Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Called...Defrosting

and you can have it. A 10 minute sample of where we're headed...ENJOY

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When too far is TOO FAR (Week 1)

I hate to go all Carter G. on him, but...

Dude is an embarrassment to his race. So ridiculous I hate to show you

Friday, January 18, 2008

American Gladiators (like Jordan on the Wizards)

Remember this guy?
(Suckas wear helmets, only)

(you blow guns, I blow cartridges)

(what did he do before and after this? for ALL the points)

AND DIS type...
(simply insert joke)

I didn't just watch American Gladiators. I idolized it, in ways god-fearing folks shouldn't idolize anything. I had the toys. Me and my friends played JOUST with broom sticks (which is not smart). Between our yards we would make obstacle courses of treachery and call it the Eliminator. We had no treadmills...we weren't man enough. This was American Gladiators. A pastime JUST ABOVE BOXING and RIGHT BELOW WWF and WCW.

Naturally, when something like this leaves, we are crippled as a people. So when I heard it was coming back, I was elated. Geeked even, I programmed my dvr to record every second of the Gods of Foam Padding. AND THEN,

Hulk Hogan, Laila Ali, and the NEW AMERICAN GLADIATORS.

I mean, the show is terrible, plain and simple. I have a list of problems:

It's corny and emotional (with like, extra emotion and background stories, crying and such)
They TALK TOO MUCH (gladiators don't speak, period)
There are injury reports (the old show's remedy was simple: don't get injured)
Hulk Hogan is Charisma locked in jail for 10 years
Laila Ali..."Oh No You Didn't"...exactly
The Eliminator is awful (treadmills belong at the beginning)
It's TOO SAFE (the ref actually stopped a match; there are neck protectors)

These are fixable. MY ULTIMATE CONCERN is NOT...


The old gladiators were named Nitro, Gemini, Malibu, Ice, names. Simple. They struck fear...These new "gladiators" are trying too hard.

WOLF actually acts like a wolf (he howls!!!)
SAMOA is...from American Samoa (maybe)

It's not that these names aren't fitting, because they are VERY much so...they just don't intimidate me. I'm not scared. If you want to scare us, which NBC programming constantly does, allow me to suggest some names:


or better

"Stolen Identity"
"The Auditor"
"Baby Momma"

Things you never want to experience again, like "Soprano's Last Episode" or "Slavery"

Big fat woman gladiator named "Spam" or "FWD: FWD: Ghetto Wedding"

Things that make you cringe AT THE THOUGHT of being involved:

A gladiator named "To Catch a Predator"

"Tazer" is a GREAT NAME for a gladiator

To the Gladiators: If your name doesn't inspire fear, you are a waste...think about what you hate

For me, if I see a gladiator named "Caller ID: 800-----" I'M HORRIFIED OF YOU

Let me stop here. What do YOU think about the new show, and what is the PERFECT NAME FOR A GLADIATOR???

(we can all have a little fun right? comment, but remember: We keep a swear jar around here)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


How could I could be on a blog where I will undoubtedly come in contact with a VERY LARGE number of people & not plug my show! WHEREVER you are IN THE WORLD you can check me out the radio and/or the web EVERY SUNDAY for the best in Holy Hip Hop, Contemporary Gospel, & Inspirational Music!

The show is called STREET SERMONZ and it airs Sunday mornings at 7 AM - 8 AM (CST) on Power 92 Chicago (92.3 FM) the station that's "#1 In The Streets" in the Chicagoland area! Power 92 also streams live online @

For those of you who aren't familiar w/ Power 92 it's a mainstream urban (Hip-Hop/R&B) radio station. It's one of THE most POWERFUL stations in Chicago with 50,000 watts of power! Not to mention it's THE TRENDSETTER! Just think of "THE HOTTEST" Hip Hop & R&B stations in your area & that's what Power is!

Okay so, check ya boy out… THIS SUNDAY & every Sunday Morning from 7 AM to 8 AM (CST)! "Street Sermonz" plays Holy Hip Hop (a.k.a. Gospel Hip Hop), Contemporary Gospel, & Inspirational music from some of today's hottest mainstream artists (Hip Hop & R&B).

Don't forget you can listen online by going to & clicking "LISTEN LIVE" & feel free to give me a call @ 773-375-9248


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

COMMON @ Church!

Thought this was PURDY cool! Common freestylin' @ his (and Obama's) home church, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago on New Year's 2008.

How cool is that?!

Friday, January 11, 2008

"This Summer, at JESUS Camp..." (Oh Boy)

I don't know folks. I watched it twice. I don't know whether it's sad, or good, or simply a case study of where we are right now. What I do know FOR SURE is that Jesus Camp was EASILY the most INTERESTING MOVIE I've seen in years. Here's a clip of sweet Rachel.

Tell me what you think. No religion prerequisite necessary. I just want to know what you think

Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is YOUR BLOG (you know who YOU are)

All the cool kids have blogs. Even the very uncool become very cool via all sorts of bloggery. I was deciding for a while what this would be. First, I said...

"It'll be the website until the website is done"


"It'll be this random page where I post stuff I like and stuff I think about"


"It'll be something to do while not studying"


"While I'm in class" (sorry prof)

And I read a ton of blogs. Kanye's is great. Blind I and Smoking Section give me music I'll NEVER pay for (research purposes only). But there are no blogs (at least popular or good ones) that represent for us folks. You know who you are...

Not rich enough to be cool
A little too lame; actually enjoy school
Try to get in trouble but always get caught/Too scared to try
Drive regular cars, with doors that open straight out, sometimes...

And most of all, folks who LOVE GOD and are unashamed! (Cause that's not cool, right?)

WRONG!!! I'm the coolest dude I know (and I know so many dudes)

So this is our blog. Where we'll post stuff we like, stuff we think shouldn't exist, videos and updates of the PureMusic Movement, random-ness that is too much for MySpace (that's so '06)

Spiritual Thought of the Week
Thing I'm in Love With (for the week)
A SONG (yay!)

And whatever else you all things it'll start slow (you're so late already) but this is the forum for our community:

The League of Generally Good Dudes and Classy Ladies

We're too scared to sell drugs. We hate the smell of smoke. We're trying out best.


Bring a Friend. After all, it's YOUR BLOG...

c what i did there?