Monday, March 31, 2008

The Rockwilder

Okay, so I knew about this for a while now, but I'm just now posting it. Multi-platinum producer Rockwilder has decided to switch musical gears and focus primarily on Christian music, citing the positive message in the music for his transition. Undoubtedly, this speaks volumes about the PureMusic movement. And while many people will say that it says a lot about the state of the industry, I would argue that it also says a lot about God.

Jesus Coloring Book!

Like, where do YOU want to start?


I saw this today in class...I'm late but I love what they do

from "Dove Self Esteem Fund"
Campaign for Real Beauty Website

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oprah/DaVinci Cartoon

A little Friday fun...Check ya boy L. Ronski

Disclaimer: the views in this video are super bout-it and out of line and do not represent the exact perspective of J.Kwest or PureMusic. 1. It's funny, and 2. People talk about this way too much and I'm glad to see how they ended it.

I love you Oprah, please bring me on your show...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am (Obama) on AllHipHop!!!

They just put the song up 30 min. ago. This is a HUGE site (for folks who don't know) and is a GREAT look for PureMusic...let them know how you feel about it! Shout to Illseed and Clark Jones for the ultra-look on the good kid...

Link to I Am (Obama) on AllHipHop

I Stay Woke

Tell me what y'all think?

So I can't front, I am honestly a T.I. fan but I wanted to know what people felt about his recent episodes.

According to the Associated Press (AP), today, Mr. Clifford is expected to change his initial not-guilty plea, and accept a plea deal that would give him 12 months in prison as well as 1500 hours of community service including talking to youth groups around the country.

Well as many may know, he was granted permission to attend Easter services down in the A at the Georgia Dome on Sunday with Bishop Eddie Long and speak about abstinence, safe sex, and HIV/AIDS (seems to me like he was getting a leg up on the 1500 hours). I have included a link to the audio from his address (disregard the hippity-hoppity background music complete w/ T.I. Jeezyesque ad libs).

Please people, let me know if you all have any thoughts about this?

Every Day, in Every Way

I love this movie, really just because it was entertaining to see how they would FIND a way (or make one) to have Louis Armstrong in EVERY MOVIE during that time...and because it's called "Every Days a Holiday". Every day huh?

My kids were having some problems understanding "Worship", as many of us are. I would say, "WE need to start worshipping God" and they would start clapping; some would say a couple words; others would start praying. And I would praise God for their praise, but it's not PRAISE that I'm's Worship. Worship is a lifestyle that certainly includes church but we spend 2 hours a week in church: the other 166 hours a week we spend at work, on the internet, with our people, doing everything else in the world. Let's be real; it's not feasible to shout at work (try it, and begin packing your desk afterwards). What we ought to do is WORSHIP. And it's simple, everyone can do it...

Every Day, in Every Way

Think about glorifying God every day, not just the Sabbath (whenever yours may be) and think about how our actions must glorify God in everything we do. At work, in class, cold chillin', in bed...Every day, in Every way. Now that's a lifestyle change, and that's what I believe is necessary for us to get where we're going. I told my kids to stop worrying whether people see you Praise and start focusing on making sure that they see you Worship God: Every Day, in Every Way...

Be Yourself. Be Fresh. Be Consistent. Get to work

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Bite?

I know some folks don't mess with church like that (btw: thanks for checking out PureMusic), but I RIDE with Trinity...this says it all

The Joker=No Joke!

Wanna see Heath Ledger blow your mind? (I mean, before he...) I Sorry. Here's the new Batman "Dark Knight" Trailer. I'm already in line...

BreevEazie + J.Kwest = Batman and Batman (details to come)

Yes, we're doing an album!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let Go

Aiight, I am sure that many folks have seen my name as a contributer (although I haven't contributed), so I have decided to fall in to this blog. I am 2wo, and I wear many hats in the PureMusic Movement (PMM).

All I will say is that you will see me add random things to the blog, random thoughts, scriptures, flights of fancy, delusions of grandeur, music, videos, etc.

So, for my first, I decided to add this video b/c I thought it was dope and an interesting twist on this very popular song.

PJ Morton, is a Morehouse man, like the Prime Minister of PMM and an incredibly talented guy who I am a big fan of. Anyway, this particular song, has been very popular as recorded by DeWayne Woods but PJ is the original writer of this song and on DeWayne's version you can hear his very distinct nasal tone backgrounds on the chorus.

So, without further ado, until I post again. Enjoy!

"May the Peace of God Be With You"

Friday, March 14, 2008

PM Endorses...The Alchemist

Around the time we were going through mixes for "I Am (Obama)" [there were four different tracks], Rob Gaines called me and said "J, you need this book." Now, FIRST OF ALL, I didn't know people still read, and I usually never turn down a good suggestion for a book. When he said, "It's a quick read" and "It'll change your life" I decided to give it a shot. 10 bucks later I'm at home with the book, and in about 4 hours I'm done. I'm in shock at what just happened to me. I feel enlightened (and I'm light-skinned). I'm thinking about Personal Legends, Omens, and treasures. I'm touched forever. I'm literally stunned at what just happened to me.

Coelho doesn't come off as deep. When you start reading, you're pretty uninterested. It reads like a children's novel. But something keeps it from feeling distant, so you keep reading. Mostly because you're proud to be reading again. It's language is simple; for a second you feel like you're ahead of the author. You know the story. You beat him to the punch. And then, he FLOORS YOU...punch after punch...until you don't have to search for God anymore. You are overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and love. NOW you're living...

I find inspiration from any number of places, and I'm always looking for more. If you can spare 5 hours MAX this weekend, spend them in front of this book. Love and Peace...

PUREMUSIC (strongly) ENDORSES- "The Alchemist"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I miss "SNAGS"...

I'm in finals, so I shouldn't be thinking about this stuff, but the randomness makes it more wonderful. I been thinking about this all day, and while I have 5 minutes in between studying, I'd love to share.

1. How great was "Off the Wall"?...Not Michael Jackson's Off The Wall (better than Thriller? you decide). NO, I'm talking about the game Off The Wall, which I've been trying to explain to my white, New England friends all day. Here are the rules:
Get a raquetball or tennis ball
Find a wall
Throw the ball...(wait for it) the wall
a group of people en masse try to catch it without it bouncing. Weaker rules allow for one bounce. Then it's your turn to throw it off the wall. In any direction. With any force.
And we play SNAGS

There are no SNAGS in handball. Handball is poor man's raquetball. And this Wallball they keep talking about...I went to YouTube to watch a video of said WALLBALL...people are too far away and they wait for like 3 bounces. and it's a kickball...and no snags. No Snags?

a game isn't a game without snagging the ball from someone's reach. It's unfair, and it teaches you to go for yours...SNAGS. Listen to Common's Resurrection and he'll refer to "snaggin' nuff n**gas in games of Off the Wall"

Finish the line and you're my best friend forever...I miss snags. I couldn't find a pic or vid of someone playing Chicago's greatest game (Piggy runs a close 2nd), so I figured I'd endulge you with something equally bout-it. Michael Jackson's baby hair. Covering a full 3x8 area of his head...

I'm snagging somebody as soon as the weather breaks...

Monday, March 10, 2008

JK Live on the Radio Tonite!!!

Listen live. I'll be on for about 45 minutes: from 8-8:45pm


Call in @ 312.413.2191

Expect a freestyle. Ask me something random...


Join the Fan Page on Facebook!!!

Link to J.Kwest/PM Facebook Fan Page

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kinda Everywhere

I don't have much to say, but in fidelity to the blog and the call to consistency in conversation (see what I did there?) I want to open the lines once again. Finals approach, which means reading a reckless amount of books which I should have read during the quarter. Couple of papers due, so the brain is working. If you had to tell someone, what would you say is the most dominant THOUGHT in your mind on a daily basis?

Our thoughts tell us a lot about where we are. I just finished a verse for The Remnant's new album "PB&J". They do that hip-hop I can actually listen to. I have appearances coming on the following projects:

Holy Hot Boys
H20 Soul
Focus 1
Theory Hazit
Tre Peace

which means I have to write verses for the following:

(See above) lol

Since the verses on other projects can bring attention to your own, they challenge me to step it up further. To think with your outside voice, and go wherever necessary. with that, and finals looming, it means I'm...

Kinda Everywhere

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Live your faith deeply (everydayness)

Listen to the words of Emilie Townes (no context necessary):

Ultimately, somewhere deep inside each of us we know that perhaps the simplest, yet the most difficult, answer to the challenge of what will we do with the fullness and incompleteness of who we are as we stare down the interior life of the cultural production of evil is live your faith deeply. This is NOT a quest for perfection, but for what we call in Christian ethics the everydayness of moral acts. It is what we do every day that shapes us and where both the fantastic hegemonic imagination and the challenge and hope to dismantle it are found. It is in these acts that we do that say more about us than those grand moments of righteous indignation and action:

the everydayness of listening closely when folks talk or don't talk to hear what they are saying;
the everydayness of taking some time, however short or long, to refresh ourselves through prayer or meditation;
the everydayness of speaking to folks and actually meaning whatever it is that is coming out of our mouths;
the everydayness of being a presence in people's lives;
the everydayness of designing a class session or lecture or reading or writing or thing;
the everydayness of sharing a meal;
the everydayness of facing heartache and disappointment;
the everydayness of joy and laughter;
the everydayness of facing people who expect us to lead them somewhere or at least point them in the right direction and walk with them;
the everydayness of blending head and heart;
the everydayness of getting up and trying one more time to get our living right.

It is in this everydayness that "we the people" are formed.

-from "Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil" (don't ask)

I've written before about my vision for PureMusic being more than a "Sunday" (Gospel) or a "Friday-Saturday" (hip hop/Club) music, but a genre for the "Monday-Thursday". A soundtrack for our lives. Today I read what I've been trying to say for so long.


Let me know how her words hit you

Sunday, March 2, 2008

before Questlove, there was Buddy Miles (1947-2008)

"Look at the pythons brother"
Long ago, when we lived on Lindenwood, I would pour through my mom's record collection, looking for some gems unknown to my generation. In her coffers I discovered The Jacksons (Post-J5, pre-MJ) for the first time, along with Kraftwerk, YES, Bob James, etc. The Holy Grail of those times were two albums: Donny Hathaway's "Extension of a Man"...and Buddy Miles' "Them Changes." Can you imagine finding "Down By The River" on accident?

Buddy Miles wasn't an icon, to be sure. But he was a mythic figure in the pantheon of rock music. You may not know much about him. I won't bore you with a bio. Here's what I remember:
* He played with Jimi Hendrix until he (Hendrix) died in '70
* He played drums
* He went to jail (don't let the smile fool you). San Quentin.
* He did those California Raisin jingles in the '80's. Now you remember him.
* He made "Down By the River" (Be on my side, I'll be on your side, Baaaaby)

"Down By the River" was one of the songs that gave birth to PureMusic. When I went to church, I would listen to them sing about going to the river to be baptised. But it sounded too corny, you know, like it wasn't real. Then I heard this, and even though it had nothing to do with baptism, it was so doggone COOL. I wished it was gospel. Go find "Down By the River" right now. Preferably the 13 min. version.

I won't say too much, besides that Buddy Miles changed the way I listened to music. He died last Tuesday. I don't know OF WHAT, and it doesn't matter. I was driving home from church and just found out. Sadness. Go find the song. and when you listen to J.Kwest or BreevEazie and think "man these guys sound like REAL music" and we're talking about LIFE, thank Buddy Miles for me.

Cause he'll strangle you with his pythons if you don't.