Friday, May 30, 2008

Father Pfleger: Tact is for Suckas

I especially want to hear from you ministers and community leaders on this one.

By now you've seen it. If not, here it is. Most will agree with Father Michael Pfleger, and no one will disagree that he is a prophetic figure in our country (he's an angel in Chicago, trust, he'll NEVER lose St. Sabina). But MORE THAN THAT, how do these comments help or harm Obama's campaign? I'll save my thoughts until a couple of you respond, but I know that after 8 years of Bush, nobody (black or white) even wants the IMPRESSION that our next president will be surrounded and advised types. I love them dearly and view them as my mentors in good ministry and community leadership, but I know America.

Are they scaring the majority away? What should Obama do? I think this is ESPECIALLY interesting considering that most of the folks who tune in to PureMusic everyday are ministers and folks who think that Wright and Pfleger are the bee's knees. I know I do.

I really want Obama to beat McCain.

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Show Love

Good morning PureMusic bloggers. Today I want to express my feelings on something a lot of people who read and contribute to this blog can relate to; please excuse me if my thoughts go astray. Last week, a good friend of mine was shot and killed in College Park, GA, a 27 year old black man with a daughter and a an enormous amount to live for. When I got the news that night, I couldn't help but think about how many families get that same news every single night. You only have to watch the Atlanta news at 6 and 11 to get an idea of how bad it is around the city. And from conversations with J, I know the Chi is much worse right now. As much as it hurts me personally to see all of this madness at home, I'm struggling with what all this means in a global context. At the funeral wednesday, Pastor Creflo Dollar expressed his belief that the world may be on its last leg, as the much of the bibles prophecies have been fulfilled. Another minister suggested, as many people have, that black men are an endangered species. While I haven't come to a conclusion about either statement, I have come to a conclusion about love and salvation. As people, it is our duty to show love to all people, those we know and those we don't know. It's imperative that we let people know how we feel about them before we no longer have that opportunity. In addition, as Christians we have a duty to spread the word and teach about salvation through Jesus Christ. Whatever talent/gift God blessed you with, I would encourage you to use it for the expansion of his Kingdom. Love & God Bless 

Monday, May 26, 2008

As We Memorialize...

Cookouts. Hot Dogs. Baseball. Some battle a long time ago. Your favorite senator discussing his hallowed war memories (that one time, in band camp). Of Course we won, we're America. Country Music. Open-Wheel racing. Acoustic guitars. Sleeveless button-down shirts. A Day off...

Whatever your reasons for celebrating Memorial Day, please remember the many who have bravely fought for the freedoms we take for granted (and the ones we still don't have). I don't support or respect war or their mongers, but I thank God it's not me out there. Those folks give a lot. Thousands have died. The ones who are "fortunate" to be alive deal with drug addiction, syndromes of all sorts, broken families, and broken consciousness as they try to come BACK...many are here but are yet to return.

As many as 1 in 3 veterans are HOMELESS (I've seen that # as low as 1 in 4. STILL). Today, or whenever you read this, the next time you get off the exit and see the homeless with a cup, think about their story. They could be a veteran. Who knows? But remember them, pull a dollar out of your pocket Mr. Scrooge, or go buy a meal for them. Better, that plate in your back seat?

To America...

Propose the Right Way

Look, I'm 25 now. Every day someone else is getting married. I always wonder how I'll propose. And then, I remembered my favorite proposal EVER...this is how it's done (vid below)

And She Said...(pharcyde)

Yee-Haw!!! Happy Holidays

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Week #5: Evander (and God)

I'm writing one of 3 20-page papers right now, and I got so zoned out that I realized I haven't posted anything so you could have a Good Week. Mr. Kwest to the rescue, even on Thursday morning. You will laugh. Out Loud.

Next time you feel like complaining, remember that this guy's brain is like applesauce, and he has one thing on his mind. ONE THING ONLY. We should all be boxers.

Or not. Love you all. Good Week. Choose Wisdom.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Are Appreciated

As I have grown to love Holy Hip Hop and Pure Music, I have also developed a strong admiration and appreciation for those artists who have dedicated themselves to spreading the word of God. Those immersed in the movement may sometimes forget the tremendous courage, belief, and self-confidence it takes to explicitly inject God and Jesus into a genre of music that seems to find new ways to celebrate excessive consumption, violence, drugs, etc., a genre that sometimes seems to be the antithesis of what Christianity means. Of course there are, and always have been artists, who did not collapse under the executive pressure of record labels, and found ways to preserve their artistic integrity, and individualism, but there have been many more who have not. I mention these types of artists not to judge them, but to rather to laud and show my admiration for the artists who stay in line with God while pursuing their dreams. So, I can't help but show my love to Breeve and J and every rapper, singer, poet, producer who has made the decision to do music for God. Keep doing your thing. Love.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lebron: Treat Your Mother Right

Here's what happened: Lebron gets fouled, fracas ensues, mother rushes towards fracas. KG plays father figure and grabs mother, POLITELY tries to calm her down.

Apparently, Lebron doesn't just coach the Cavaliers, he also coaches mom, because after his mother did NOT sit down (in obvious hood concern for her son), he looked at her, like THIS:

and said: GLORIA, SIT YOUR **S DOWN! Exactly, then he said it again...

A few things I want to explore here:

1. He called her Gloria. Think about calling your mother by her first name...(and you just died)
2. He told her to SIT DOWN. What type of guy tells his mother to sit down? Forget the cursing (which we won't), the mere fact that he said SIT DOWN (think about just died)
3. He cursed at her (dead)
4. His mother is a G (DUI, resisting arrest, damaging police property [she kicked out a police window])
-then she got maced-
But, she is his mother. To add to that,
5. This was the day after Mother's Day.
6. It was in a stadium, with people there (many, even)

Lebron, I'm 25 now and officially able to rent a car by myself, which means I'm wise. As your older brother, I can only hope you treat your mother in private better than you do in public. Let's START with better seats. She was sitting under the rim. Then, without thinking twice, you said "Gloria, sit your (butt) down." Now, don't get me wrong, I DIED LAUGHING and really thought you were gonna get set straight on the court (have you ever been set straight yet?). I know you're not having the best week (coaching Lebron James' team isn't easy when your Lebron James) and it's going to get worse b4 it gets better, but I have to give you the advice a great man gave me. It changed my life, and trust me, it will make your week.

Funny=Understatement. This is the funniest thing I've seen maybe EVER. Where do I start? Lebron: Treat her right

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Don't call it a come back... okay, well actually you can! I'M FINALLY BACK on the blog! Holla at ya' boy "J"!!! LOL

Anyway, just wanted to let everybody know about what's goin' on with the show! Street Sermonz is now 3 HOURS!!! God has opened the door for us to be on Power 92 Chicago (92.3 FM) EVERY SUNDAY MORNING from 7 AM - 10 AM (CST)!!! Power 92 also streams live online @

For those of you who aren't familiar w/ Power 92 it's a mainstream urban (Hip-Hop/R&B) radio station. It's one of THE most POWERFUL Hip-Hop/R&B stations in Chicago with 50,000 watts of power! Not to mention it's THE TRENDSETTER (yea I do believe we've taken that title now)! Just think of "THE HOTTEST" Hip Hop & R&B stations in your area & Power would fit in that category! Other than the morning show playing 1 Gospel song each day at 6:30 AM, Street Sermonz is the ONLY Gospel on the station!

Okay so, check ya boy out… THIS SUNDAY & every Sunday Morning from 7 AM to 10 AM (CST)! "Street Sermonz" plays Urban Contemporary Gospel & Inspirational music from some of today's hottest mainstream artists (Hip Hop & R&B).

Don't forget you can listen online by going to & clicking "LISTEN LIVE" & feel free to give me a call @ 773-375-9248



Happy Birthday J.Kwest!!!

Praise God for another year. As you know, we're working hard to make every year better than the last, and I want to start by giving yall some new music. Look in the post below, you'll see a link to a new joint "Everyday is My Birthday (Stay True)", which I haven't gotten clearance from ANYONE to give. So what, it's my Birthday! I wrote this joint about 24 hours ago. Give you a good idea of where PureMusic is headed.

Track by Redd Lettaz

Here's to another 25!!!

Birthday Presents- NEW J.KWEST!!!

(Link for Download) "Everyday is My Birthday"

In recognition of my 25th birthday, I give you HEAT. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Come See Kwest Saturday!!!

Chicago-land! This one's gonna be crazy. Tomorrow!!!

New Mount Pilgrim Church
4301 W. Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL

6pm. They're saying SHARP, so be SHARP. J.Kwest will be Sharp. Love yall. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is How Rob feels...

coming back to Atlanta...

10 Seconds and I guarantee you will be laughing. Imagine this, they were finishing the album, the follow-up to Totally Krossed Out no less, and they said, "Wait, this album isn't finished."

We need Super Cat

Chronicles of an ATLien: The Roadtrip Return

Today, I left State College, PA and Penn State for good in exchange for my home, Atlanta. I journeyed 13 hours from PA through MD, WV, VA, TN, to reach GA, my final destination. The excursion was interesting to say the least. I saw more cows, pickup trucks, and suspenders as I was driving through small WV towns than I ever care to see again, and right after I saw some store with a rebel flag flying from it. Needless to say, I drove a little quicker. What made the trip even more interesting was the amount/variety of items inside my car (a coupe). I had clothes, speakers, music equipment, shoes, books, etc, filling every crevice in my car, which made me look like I had robbed the Goodwill and the Salvation Army (SHAMEFUL). I prayed the entire way home asking God to BLESS my suspension and MAKE IT STRONG, so that I might avoid unpacking my trunk before I got home. Anyway, I made it back and the feeling is surreal; I'm living in a city again, and I'm going to have to readjust. I'm headed to the West End in the morning so stay tuned for more from... Chronicles of an ATLien

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kids Gotta Eat......

So I brought the Taco Meat!!!!

Enjoy! LOL

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good Week #4

So, there are no funny videos on the net that can cheer you up. Well, there are (South Central Park) but I can't put those on the blog. So I went throwback on the game. Before you watch, just remember that there are plenty of things you can and should accomplish before Friday. Try praying every day for 15 minutes, spending 5 minutes by YOURSELF (no internet), and write out your goals for '08. It's May now, and everyone is behind on something. Where have you slipped? Can TODAY be the day you make a change? Like...Right Now, what can you do? Do That...

Take a stand. Be Jim Everett.

Whatever you do, don't call him Chris. Have a good week

Being Queer: Is It a Choice?

Watch this, and prepare to debate. I've been encountering this a lot in divinity school and I want to know what YOU think (not your church). Pull up a seat and enjoy (if you're on facebook, click on original post to watch vid)

There's a movie called "For the Bible Tells Me So" that you NEED to see. c. Netflix. Lov

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Best Month EVER:24 hours of prayer

As I have said before, I am a student at the Mecca aka Howard University and in February 2008 I finally found a place I think God want me to worship!!! Anybody that's been through this knows how hard it is for a college student to get out of bed Sunday morning let alone find a church they feel is where God wants them to grow.

This Sunday at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in DC, God spoke to me once again.  GMCHC aired an announcement that they were praying for 24 hours in May 2008.  So I challenge you as well as my (ADD) self to this 24 hours in the month of May. 

Is God asking you for that much? 

So Pray on my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Love the praying challenge Howard girl 

J.Kwest on Radio Tonite!!!

Full hour dedicated to J.Kwest and PureMusic! The show is hosted by B-Washed and starts at 8pm.

8pm Central Standard
102.3FM Chicago

or to listen live on the internet:

I'ma play some joints I'm not supposed to, including some BreevEazie, and we'll talk about the new album. I have breaking news! Listen in...lov

God's Love

Well...I've been debating over whether or not I should do this post for days now, but I decided to share because God has been too good for me not to. Long story short: I graduated from Morehouse in '06, began a M.A./Ph.D. program in English at Penn State in the fall '06, realized English (at this level) wasn't my thing and decided to only stay for the M.A. I did, however, discover that I love teaching and that I would be better suited for a career in education. So, I applied to the University of Georgia for a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Policy. With it being the only school I applied to, I had a lot riding on the acceptance, to say the least. Anyway, in February I was accepted, and last week I received notice that I would be receiving a Graduate School Assistantship and full funding for my first 21 months of study. Also, I graduate in two weeks with my M.A. I say all this to say that God, as Caesarkwest pointed out earlier, is AWESOME, and he will give you the desires of your heart when you believe, trust, and follow him. Love yall.