Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The BEAST series...

Part 1...

Im going to do posts periodically about people who are or have been beasts in their field
1st up
Phil Jackson said this guy is the greatest athlete he has ever coached! 
Its not the first guy that you would think...

Nor is it the 2nd or 3rd

It was this guy...and this is why

All you gotta do is go hard to be on this list. You have to be the best at what you do and do it to at an untouchable level. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Finals! This Friday!

InAuguration Finals. 3 left. One Winner.

Bettys Blue Star Lounge
1600 W. Grand (corner of Ashland and Grand)
Chicago, IL
Doors open at 9pm. $5 b4 10:30.

Crowd votes determine winner. I know Project Fr3sh is gonna have 10 million people there with their grandmothers and stuff, but I'm not nervous. For some reason, I'm pretty calm about the underdog situation I face. I know that if the folks who say they will come out actually come, we'll be cool. Look, I'm a gospel artist in a only-not-gospel competition. We were entered as a joke. I think we've come far. But I don't plan on stopping here. This is a huge step and I want to take it.

I have the outift ready. Now it's the set. 20 min. this go 'round. I want to add something special. Spending my Sabbath (today) figuring out what that may be. Excited. Video in the player to further explain things. Looking forward to seeing you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

How Sunday School Lessons actually apply to real life

I usually don't post this most but since I've come back from the Motherland I've been very introspective about my life, my purpose basically WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO BUT I'M TOO SCARED TO START!

This Sunday when I went to my home church for the last time before school starts and heard a beautiful sermon and Sunday school lesson.  To make it short and sweet, we need to depend on God more than we do at this very moment.

When you are confused...Ask God for Wisdom!
You wanna cuss somebody out...Ask God for Wisdom!
You wanna talk about someone and you know you shouldn't...Ask God for Wisdom!
Life is a little too real...Ask God for Wisdom!

It seems difficult but it's so simple and God loves to hear from you, remember you are his child.
Spring semester of 2008 was probably the most difficult of my life, not academically but emotionally and spiritually. I had to ask for wisdom and be humble enough to seek help from more than myself.  It was the best decision I ever made and God gave me that wisdom.  I still have my days (cause God never promise everyday would be sunshine), Let Go and Let God as well and I Won't Complain were on REPEAT but I made it!  I may not have win every battle but I won the war.

So remember this week to ask God for wisdom!

Hotep (peace in Mdu Ntr)
Kid Sis

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Day/Ask a Light-Skinned Man

First of all, I love my dad. He's like a grown me. We had a too real conversation today inside of his office. No pics of that, but it started like, "So what do you want to be when you grow up?" 2 hours later, I went to the bookstore and picked up a copy of Howard Thurman's "Jesus and the DisInherited." Then Mel called me.

Then I hooked up with Mel, who is basically my sister. Here's Mel.

I know. You should hit her up (sorry Mel, you just got 10 emails)

My guy from H2O Soul told me when I came to ATL I needed to go to WISH, a boutique that has an underground shoe lair. I didn't believe him, plus I need something for the 29th (InAuguration Finals aka "Down Goes Frazier"), so Mel took me. Well, there's an upstairs, and there's a downstairs, which is all time...


What I DID get however, will ruin you completely. It's my fit (joe) for the 29th. Can't show you. Jesus would wear it though. then we went to Target. Because she HAD to go to Target.

I don't like Target.

But after this we had sushi, and I love sushi. Now I'm laying low sad about how much $ I spent. You know you have to treat yourself sometimes. I wanted to go to Cafe Dupri (a la Jermaine) but I just heard it closed down. Lack of funds is the rumor. Read that last sentence again. Then watch this.


Um..this is the worst of all time

I have daughters and for me this would equal 2 less children on the planet guaranteed. This is when parenting goes extremely wrong. Please speak on this...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Insights while in Atlanta

- I'm not a stare-at-every-girl-I-see type of guy, but Atlanta has a way of bringing out the "please God let me stay focused" in me. I've been good.

- I'm eating soul food.

- I needed this break from everything so bad. Writing an album is fun, but I've been spending the past couple of days working on some poetry and freelance thought stuff. I have been put in touch with a couple of book publishers, and they seem at least interested to hear what I'm thinking. The one I wrote today is called "On the Eve of our Death."

- College was so fun. I'm so old now it's not even funny.

T-MINUS 10 DAYS until OPERATION: SHOCK THE WORLD. Mark August 29th off now!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes I'm part of the Beento Tribe: My Experience in Egypt

So ya girl just got back from Egypt and it was...(actually there isn't a word in English that I can find that can explain my feelings). I see J has been working hard on this blog while I was out of the country and hopefully he won't be too mad at this non-PM movement post but it must be spread to my people!

My professor and now "intellectual father" Dr. Carr gave a very intriguing statement on the first of class in Cairo and I hope you apply it to life like I have everyday since.

"This is what happens when black folk have no distracts!"

I didn't get the magnitude of this statement until I saw example after example of what people of AFRICAN ancestry contributed to the ancient world.  We did so much more than people around the world would like to give us credit for.  I don't need anyone to tell me what the Greeks or Romans invented because Egyptians created it first!  

You would think this "enlightenment" would make me more militant or angry with "a race of a lighter hue" but honestly I'm not; I'm at peace because I am no longer confused.  Confusion and fear is what keeps us from achieving the greatness we are destined to obtain.  One of my fellow scholars said "here (Africa) fear has no place, the Egyptians made mistakes but they kept trying".

I hope this help you reclaim you African self and make through those days when you don't!

I leave you with an Egyptian saying in Metu Neter (an ancient Egyptian language)

Maat Kherw (The voice is true)

*Kid Sis

*member of the Beento Tribe; which means "I been to Africa"


Friday, August 15, 2008

What do R.Kelly and China have in common?

Young Girls...that was too easy. As far as the Olympics goes, only two ever happened. THESE


What's your favorite Olympic moment? Does is involved Dominique Dawes in any way? Because if so, you are a good human.

A WORD ON BITING:I don't like them being called the "Redeem Team", mostly because there's no need to compare them to '92. I needn't go through that roster. Why do we hang on to the past so much? Like Brett Favre being called "Broadway Brett." Are you serious? Our media seriously lacks creativity nowadays.

A WORD ON MUSIC: Didn't expect that did you? Speaking of hanging on to the past, I feel like J.Kwest and BreevEazie are where Ghostface and Raekwon were in '95. If Gospel rap is Wu-Tang, we are emerging from the shadows of Method and ODB (they can be whoever you like). Now, we make "Batman and Batman", which is gonna be Cuban Linx CLASSICO! Then, '96 friends...and you know what happens in '96..Ironman...and this

Despite our ball-sports bias, which makes the Olympics "soft" to Americans, this swimming thing is pretty tough. Props should be distributed where props are due

Thursday, August 14, 2008

PureMusic Recommends: ShaunIntheCity

SHAUN KING is a big brother to me. Period. He is a mentor and I followed his every move my freshman year at Morehouse. It was during NSO week for Freshmen (our hazing) that I first met him, speaking dynamically from the corner lecturn in King Chapel, saying the things I wanted to say, speaking with conviction. What I'm saying is, dude was a boss when I was a janitor.

Since then we've become great friends and peers in the Creative Ministry forum, and he's starting a church in Atlanta called the Courageous Church, which is a name perfect for him. He also has a blog called "Between Courage and Corn Pops" which I absolutely LOVE and you will too. Since I've been in bed for almost 3 days straight, I've grown very close. Now I share with you.

If it helps, he also has a great story that includes a car crash (which some of us find mandatory to give it any attention). Shaun deserves to be famous.


For example: he just did a post on Overcoming Porn Addiction...get real with yourself.

Working on Corleone Status...

There's a video to explain all of this in the YouTube player on the side, but here are the highlights:

1. We Made It to the FINALS of the InAuguration competition!!! Praise God for the ability to shine our lights in places where we are not expected to be. We weren't wanted there, but we have made the PureMusic impression and we are definitely appreciated in the spot. The whole hood came out, including some faces I always love to see: Cartman and Family, B.Pack, Marcus, Natasha. Thank you all! And thank you to Clark Jones for rocking up there with me. He'll tell you, it went rough (and we have pics to prove it; someone send those to me) but he stood in the gap and we rocked still. Mark August 29th NOW!!! Operation Shock the World is in full effect.

2. BreevEazie should be giving you a full update on his life in a couple of days. He got a new gig that is PERFECT for him, been traveling more, and just had his baby shower. Pics and vid from that should be coming. Plus he has a new website that he should announce soon. I say all of this to put people on the spot, and because you'll love everything he has to say.

Speaking of the Baby Shower...him and Tif suprised me by announcing that I am Tiara's GodFather!!! Wait, some of you know me, and you know what this means. I can sit like this now!!!

I'm honored to serve.

3. Got sick again. Wasn't really well. Took a couple of days off here, as you can see. Been watching the Olympics ad-nauseum, eating cereal, and reading a blog that you NEED In your life. More info in a post coming in about 3 minutes...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things I learned before 26...

and especially during this glorious year called 25. Amen where necessary.

1. I hate the word "Grinding": Because most of us aren't. We waste too much time to grind. We look around too much. People who grind don't look around. Easily the most overused word in the English language.

2. Marriage is serious business: some ladies got the ring, some brothers are still saving for it, most folks are looking for someone to try it out with, but FEW people are MARRIED. Even some married folks are not in it to win it. How do you know if you are in it to win? Well, wait till you start losing...(also, being faithful is a good clue)

2a. Relationships are NOT serious business, until I start thinking about marriage.

3. Success is up to Me: This year I stopped pursuing my dream and started living it. Really there was no major breakthrough, just a change in consciousness. You too can be your own boss.

4. There's no such thing as "business never personal." I've learned that it's almost always personal and there's a lot of bad business going on out here.

5. Wearing tight pants looks ridiculous, even on my favorite personalities and artists. I don't want to hear that "style is individual" crap; everybody trying to be FRESH can end up pretty stale (c. Boss, Hilfiger, Coogi)

5a. Learn how to look good with no jewelry or brand names. THEN and only then, my child, have you found your STYLE (being broke and living with Dave taught me that)

6. Saying NO to Yourself is the EVERYTHING.

7. A baseball season is 162 games.
My team can lose 10 in a row and still win the division. Don't make a losing streak of mistakes turn into a losing season.

8. When the human body starts acting up, it's trying to tell us something. Listen up.

8a. Just learn how to sit down and shut up at least once a week.

9. Get Over Yourself. I tell myself this every day after saying peace to God.

10. Sometimes all it takes is an email or a phone call. For whatever the situation or anxiety. Clark and AllHipHop taught me that, and many other opps that I got by just saying "what's the worst that could happen?"

...I thought I'd share, because these are the big lessons I'm learning daily. Far from comprehensive, Never forget it. God is still speaking to us (even when we are ever so negligent). Commentary.

Friday, August 1, 2008

J.Kwest Journal (Video): 7.31.08

THIS WEEKEND IS NUTS. Watch, enjoy, and come to what you can. Send BreevEazie and Rob Gaines congratulatory notes in the comment section. SEE YOU SOON!!!

(the no sound on the first part is ok. it's so you can silently view my mastery)

I do this Peanut Butter and Jelly thing. Don't question my authority in this area.