Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Huge September Revelations...(to me)

- First of all, I don't like when I order a Sweet Tea from McDonald's - a very good sweet tea by the way - and get a cup with 75% ice. This is my first thought coming out of the coma of sleep that normally follows a three-day shoot.

- The video shoot went great. I was nervous, only because I wasn't behind the camera. One thing that I had to learn during this process is how to TRUST OTHERS. Most folks like to say TRUST NO ONE but that's an easy way to get nothing done. I have a good team and when they are not working at all they love to work very hard. I trust them, much more so after the video shoot.

- Raph, 2wo, Sherese, Clark, Will, B-Pack, Breeve Lowery, Blind I, Endangered Peace, Yellow B, The Lyrikists, Double Threat, Hustle Simmons and Eighty81.com, and plenty of others were in the building. Thank You. Some people couldn't come. alright.

People are asking me to post pics and vids of the video shoot. Um, I didn't take any. SO IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND HAVE SOME, post away here on the blog, facebook, and wherever you'd like.

- The BIGGEST REVELATION over the past few days came when we went to BOYS TOWN, a locale in Chicago where we actually shot some footage for "I Am (Obama)". Called Boys Town because well, there are a lot of LGBTQ...'s there. And Clark, Raph, and Cep (and I) were having the best convo ever about...well...Boys Town. Is Boy's Town any more gay (gayer) than other gay centralities in the U.S. and I said, "you know, being from Chicago automatically makes you 27% Gay", which I believe is true.

And before you start, you know how I feel about homosexuality in theory and practice. I don't, but I also totally disagree with how the Church handles it. I think they couldn't be FURTHER away from the gospel of Christ. In short, they're being gay about being gay.

(Private emails come....NOW). Just wait til you see the video though. Let's move on.

- If T-Pain wants to trick on you, make him take you somewhere better than Wisconsin, Canada, or Colorado. Fine places all of them, but you don't want a mansion in Wiscansin.

- My mother is a financial advisor (Series-7 licensed with others) for Chase and has told me to inform you that REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HEAR, don't take your money out of the bank. It's FDIC insured for up to 100,000 dollars. And you don't have that much money, so you're covered. People with more should think seriously about keep account limits to the FDIC amount.

And please Tithe and think about becoming a Philanthropist.

- Go Sox...the Thrill is Gone on the whole Griffey thing, but we have one more game tonite to make the playoffs. And of all teams we are playing the Minnesota Twins. The team I personally hate and respect the most. I don't even know why Minnesota is a state. Canada could have it if they wanted, and the Twins.

- People who Twitter and Facebook and blog until the near ends of the Earth (seriously, like 23 hours a day) kinda bug me. It's not that I don't care or don't appreciate your latest revelation (some of this stuff is great) but I don't EVER EVER want to know what you had for lunch. EVER...and I promise you won't know mine.

Because I didn't eat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burning Bush

Video Jitters.

I think it's cool to be nervous. It's excitement really, but when the sleep goes away and the closet full of ramen doesn't get it done, the stress comes easy. Today it was over the wardrobe. Really I never THINK about what I'm wearing, how it will look or whatever. I just wear it. Then my GOOD PEOPLE who love me to death and want to see PM go way high suggest that I try some different looks. I'll show you these one day, long from now. I bought all of this stuff. Then I got home, tired, hungry, and tried it all on.

Looks horrible. Feelin it like a stomachache. So, stressed out my cousin calls and says "something told me to call you." Word? What's on your mind? "Well, I don't know what you're going through for this video but I know you're thinking about it a lot (cause you have a HUGE HEAD). Anyway, I just wanted to call and tell you to be J.Kwest. The rest will work itself out."

Raph, Rese, 2wo, Cep, all have been saying it, but when I heard cuzo say it it hit me different. Not on some "stop being stupid" stuff, but I heard her say it in a "you'll be fine" sort of way. Then Clark hit me right after. Told him the situation and he said the same thing. And in the brief still that came after I heard God speak, like a burning bush, or better - like on Strictly Business when the dude started talking to him through the tv - and God spoke to me in the same way. Through VH1 Soul. This is what he said.


(:50 in I cried laughing)


If you feel me here you feel me. I still knew the order. Ready now.

First Video Shoot! Info for YOU

I want you involved if you can be. Facebookers, MySpacers, Twitterlings and others, click ORIGINAL POST and watch the vid. Feel free to discuss here as well. Exciting times. Keep praying for J and the movement. PM!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blessings in Funerals

Sounds weird enough, and I certainly don't look forward to funerals at all. People have a way of...um...losing their minds when it comes to watching loved ones be forever still. A distant-yet-beloved cousin (or aunt) of mine passed on this week and the funeral was this morning.

Well first of all I got in from Cleveland late last night and barely slept from dreaming and planning for the days and weeks to come. When I woke up this morning I was looking for every reason to stay in bed, call my dad up and say "I think I'll stay back." But something told me to go. When I got there I knew why. It was great to see my family again.

My uncle turned to me at one point and said, "you'd think we were in New Orleans", and he was right, but in a good way. It was a celebration; all that was missing was the marching band. Smiles, laughs, and good times aplenty; it FELT like I was around family. You know, when you can let your guard down and know that all is well. Most of us young folks don't get that a lot. For one, we aren't around family much. I don't say "grind" anymore, but I do work. There's this lady who calls me once a week just to say "call your grandmother" and every time she does it I get sick of it, but she's right. We need to call our grandmothers. Today I did one better. I saw her and gave her a kiss. I squeezed her and told her I loved her and if it felt awkward for me it was perfect for her. I saw aunts and uncles I rarely see. And I'm kicking it with my cousins after this nap I won't take. We smiled and laughed and I was energized to see my family again. The DeShazier/Waite/Franklin/McCann folks are all super (so much that I said "SUPER"). I wish I could see them more. The only person missing today was Lee Ethel McCann...

Which is why we were there. But there are blessings in funerals, and I feel blessed and full of love right now. Which is helpful, because I rap in Chicago. Call your grandmother now. CALL, don't text. and plan a visit for next week. And if it's not her then someone who would LOVE to see you and talk your ear off. And go have your ear talked off, and tell her about college and your secret crush. You'll be better for it, and PM will continue to grow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video: DYN Interviews J.Kwest for "I Am (Obama)"

I'm in Cleveland now, as the Twitter update indicates (look to your right), and the good folks over at Digital Youth Network shot me a link to an interview we did a few weeks ago. I just came out of the gym and they asked me to stop by. Then, INTERVIEW. They'll be doing the Access Granted portion of the "I Am (Obama)" video, so stay tuned.

DYN Interview with JKwest from DYN on Vimeo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Message to Barackawear: Please be in my video!!!

Here's why:

1. It's a song about Obama.
2. It's a GOOD song about Obama, with a serious message from a serious artist.
3. It's PureMusic, so you don't have to worry about me destroying your image.
4. Morehouse/Spelman love
5. I asked nicely...

These are just 5 reasons. My people can give like 100 more if necessary. I want you involved. That goes for all you other clothing lines too. Let's do this together.

Click HERE to check out Baracawear.com

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video: Jesse McCartney "Buy U A Drank"

This actually sounds good. No vocoder necessary. Just thought I'd share. Talented kid.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gas Discount Coupon from Shell Oil

Finally! We've been needing this for a while. TOO LEGIT to quit yall. Thank me later.

You can only use it once though :(


Do something strange for a little bit of change

Hmmm would you? Honestly weigh in ya'll

Boys and Girls, Wallpapers

Folks have been asking me for some J.Kwest and/or PureMusic wallpapers for a minute. I've been in a love mood lately, so here we go. More to come. Do I smell t-shirts coming? You should...

J.Kwest @ The InAuguration Finals

Everybody wants to know what happened. Sorry this took so long to post. Being Kentucky and getting Christian Laettner'd takes time to heal (somebody caught that). Love to all. PureMusic!

Oh yeah. Comment! Even the haters...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video: Baby Tiara

Not of her birth or anything, but some good footage to lay aside the pics.

BreevEazie Made a Person!!!

Well, he made it 9 months ago, which means after Tiffany's birthday party (relax), but Baby Tiara is now in the world!

Stats: Tiara Mikaili Lowery
8lbs, 12oz, 20 inches
Born: 4:32pm, 9/9/08

and she took FOREVER to come, but I'm blessed to have been there (after an all-night stakeout in the waiting room).


The Proud Father

The GodFather (she stole my heart; sorry ladies)

Out of RESPECT I left pics with Tif out. She was rough (joe) but definitely the G OF THE YEAR for pushing Tiara out au-natural! Watch me spell CONGRATULATIONS and send yours to Eazie here. More photos (probably an entire album) and words from the father to come. He really doesn't care right now, which we all understand. Pray for her health.

Harold's Online

would you like to order your half white online? Go try to. Notice that delivery is not an option.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Video: 8 year-old prophet

You tell me. Cause I'm blown over here

I'm done talking about politics. I grabbed this off of GospelTube today.

Video: Baby Daddy Drama

Never seen somebody claim a child so fast. He made sure he mentioned that rap career too. He should have spit a verse.

shouts to Bossip. Jacked it from them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

P.S. on S.P.

I'm voting for Obama.

I'm directly supporting his campaign financially and with a song "I Am (Obama)"

Which you can hear almost anywhere right now, including in the music player above.

And we're shooting a video for it. Storyboards and licenses are being prepped RIGHT NOW.

He's my guy for President for the next HOWEVER LONG HE'D LIKE, but I object to the blatant hate of Palin just because she's a Republican. As Christians we have to be less partisan and more critically reflective of what's going on. Hence, the last post.

Take no sides and ask a million questions. Plus, if Canada likes her and liberal media hates her, it's AT LEAST worth looking at.

Canada's usually on their game.

Palin Shakes Things Up (at least)

Face it, the Elephants were dead a week ago. Nobody cared about what party-line-towing white guy McCain was gonna pick for his running mate. This season has always been about how big of a margin Obama will win by. And the campaigning by the Mules has reflected this. It was about Obama vs. 4 More Years of Bush. Easy choice. Well, Sarah Palin makes it just a bit more difficult.

BECAUSE now it's Obama's story vs. Palin's story. A child with down-syndrome. A unwed, pregnant teenage daughter. A member of the NRA and the UNION. A hockey mom. A devout Christian. You may not like her politics, but it resonates with America. For urban Atlanta, Chicago, and New York, Sarah Palin means nothing. She's a suburban annoyance, much like that woman in the grocery store who stares just a bit at you and pulls her kids away. But for Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania (they hope) and some parts of the south Sarah Palin represents THEIR American Dream. A woman, who could be Vice-President, and LOOKS like me.

BECAUSE Palin looks like a lot of people, including some people's WIVES. That matters. It helps that she's not bad-looking in the least. In fact, I've heard she's HOT. Now remember that energetic youth base that doesn't care about politics much but really really wants to make history? Frat-boys? Some of these people would vote for McCain just because Palin is hot. While you want to be angry at that, remember that some of you will vote for Obama just because he's black. And you're both wrong.

BECAUSE she can throw a punch. She attacks Obama, and a lot of us don't like that. I think the attacks show a shallow brand of politics and the Dems are smarter than that, but she comes out punching. Remember that boring convention you weren't going to watch? You did watch, and you laughed sometimes. Because we've got a fight on our hands. Time will tell us whether she can take one.

BECAUSE she referred to those "styrofoam columns" that you also looked at kinda weird as Obama stood in front of them. The Dems tried to annoint Caesar last Thursday, and that's not what America wants. Obama is a superstar, but Palin's approach and success in the next couple of days is going to remind us ALL that Obama needs to resonate to America. Just regular old America. Not LA and Hip-Hop and Pop Culture. But America. Where they farm.

And have babies with down-syndrome. and have teenage pregnancies (and force the father to get on stage, hilarious). And don't make a lot of money. and own guns. and attack people when they feel uncomfortable (in life and on stage). and don't agree with abortion or gay marriage. And WANT to get off of Foreign Dependence. I'm not saying it's right but it IS America.

BECAUSE America isn't that smart. We like people who make us feel comfortable, whether they are qualified or not. I hear folks yelling Obama Obama YES WE CAN, but when they get in that booth to vote they could easily say "Now let's be serious here. Do I want a BLACK MAN as president?" For you to read that insenses you and it should, but never underestimate a racist. Plus, most folks don't care about platforms (see Bush) which means...

BECAUSE we will have to campaign harder now. One thing's for sure, the old "4 more years of Bush" won't work anymore. You know that McCain or Palin have Bush tendencies. I'm almost offended for Bush (only he reserves the spot of IDIOT). We will have to campaign. With facts supported by data. Because if we don't Palin is going to make a whole speech attacking us and telling us we're dreaming. Remember when Obama said that we wouldn't pay any taxes for his plans and you looked kinda weird and said HOW? Well, Palin pointed out what is true. The taxman cometh. It's not Obama vs. Bush Family Tree anymore. Palin is trying to make it Hollywood vs. America. It's a cultural war now. That's not a good thing for ANYONE. They want a war. If we don't fight back, and WE BETTER, this momentum will rise and convince millions of apathetic Americans that McCain and Palin are TOUGHER.

Some of us want tough. Some want leadership. Some just want a woman up there. What do you think Pennsylvania, Florida, and Minnesota want? That's all that matters now...

While you attack Palin, remember that Dan Quayle was once President of the US Senate.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GOOD WEEK #?: The McRib Deconstructed

I had told a couple of people about this, and they didn't believe me. Especially Breeve, who like myself loves a little McDonald's every once in a while ("Super Size Me" didn't affect me; I eat Filet O' Fish). And now, the McRib, deconstructed for your pleasure.

(all info from foodfact.info/mcrib)

The McRib was introduced in 1981 and was a regular item on the menu for several years. Over time McRib became a 'special' menu item and was only available in select regions at various times. What season? We don't know. It just comes around when it's ready. The McRib is like that uncle you love but don't trust. I'm just saying, at some point the McRib has been to jail. Well one day this guy decided to INVESTIGATE the now "retired" McRib: (for your viewing pleasure)

The McRib unwrapped

Sans bun, pickles, and onions

Sans sauce (it gets wild now)



You just got not-hungry. Enjoy the salad folks, and have a GREAT WEEK (it's a day shorter)