Sunday, November 30, 2008


Now that Thanksgiving is over we can now officially say WELCOME to the holiday season. It's a weird couple of weeks to live through, especially as a Christian in Consumer-holic America. You'll be busy; you'll spend a lot of money, and at least once you'll forget what this is all about. No prob. This post is here to remind you. And it's VERY SIMPLE:

*All you have to do is answer this question*

What are you most thankful for RIGHT NOW?

It can be whatever you want, but do share. This will turn into a collage of Thanks, which will come in handy a week before Christmas. Trust me. Just do it.

What are you most thankful for RIGHT NOW?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Cometh

I hear the Steely Dan song in my mind on constant repeat every Thanksgiving season. "When Blaaaack Friday Comes..."

First you watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving while fat and satisfied on at least half of a Sweet Potato Pie (I heard a cruel joke about only Euro-Americans eating Pumpkin pie. Is this true?) Then, you grab a newspaper and figure out what you are going to waste your money on this year. Money that should go somewhere else, but no, CIRCUIT CITY is selling all cd's for $9.99 (so I have to go buy that MC BRAINS cd I never wanted). Then you'd sleep and go stand outside in the freezing abyss for an hour or two to join the melee...that used to be the case.

Now we search the internet for Black Friday sales and buy online. I like a good stakeout. This year I have something I NEED to buy and happens to be on sale: portable hard drive. How often does that happen?

Where you headed, if anywhere, this BLACK FRIDAY? Are there racial tones to that "black" there? We do spend a lot. Which version of Elmo will soccer moms be killing for this year?

Go buy John Forte's CD, he just got pardoned.

and check out BFriday ads on BFADS.NET

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yeeeeeeaaaaint Got Deeeeez!

First of all ignore those crazy versions in the back (They're in the back for a reason) and witness the BEST FILAS EVER MADE! With much respect to the joints with the strap in the back that Pac wore in the "Keep Ya Head Up" video.

Behold the 1ST GRANT HILLS
AND I had them shoe strings RIGHT!!! Red white AND Navy! Im an artist

I remember mad people in school think I was selling drugs because I had those at e same time I had theeeeez!

The 1st Jason Kidds

Then they both got co-rookie of the year that year. It was easy to be a king in Aurora.

The truth is they were selling them at JC Penny and we had mad coupons and some by one get one half off deal. SWEEEET! I had just got the Jason Kidds and the Grant Hills ended up costing like 40 bucks. Live ya life!

Im about to cop the Kidds from Leaders REAL SOON! They are 1st on my hit list excluding any Jordans on there and Leaders got em. What are some shoes you wish they would bring back?

Teen Lock-In THIS FRIDAY!!!

That means tomorrow, November 21st for all you knuckleheads. Those who have been know that it's an awesome night of creativity, enlightenment, and getting beat by Min. J.Kwest at every video game imaginable.

We'll start at Covenant United Church of Christ. 9pm kickoff concert featuring BreevEazie and J.Kwest
1130 E. 154th St.
South Holland, IL

Then, after the concert and the service, we'll be at GAMEWORKS in Schaumburg until typos here. The service is free of course but if you want to ride with us out to Gameworks (Unlimited play on all games ALL NIGHT) the cost is $35 (with transport and food). Some of you are looking to do some volunteer work with the youth, this is a great chance to spend an entire night with our future.

I will be teaching our future the essential rules of this right here


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What does it all mean?

what hits you most? what does it mean? Let's talk...

My reaction to ObaMA!

Couldn't help it. IT just turned out classic! Not to make fun of anyone but this is my honest reacion

Monday, November 17, 2008

Slow Clapping Standing Ovation

I think Im up to it...

Its time that the Church responds to in some form of mass effort to the killing of marriage in America and stop blaming everything else under the sun for the deterioration of it, including and not limited to gays seeking marriage. I dont agree with gay marriage at all but I do agree that heterosexual couples are more responsible for the killing marriage than any gay marriage ever could be.

The PERFECT Laugh to kickoff the week

You have no sense of humor if you don't laugh at this...somebody sent me this and said I was biting them Officially Up and running!!

Looks like Im just in time. J Kwest and I didnt coordinate the launching of our new sites to be the same day but it just seems to have happened that way. Thats what its like when you work as a unit. Anywayz check out my official site designed and run completely courtesy of MYSELF (LOL) and the Holy Spirit at work within me. If you have seen it before then you havent seen it becasue I have added some new stuff just 10 minutes ago so get some. CURES the following diseases:
Bird Flu
Jock itch
Turf Toe
Broken Bones
Bad spirits
Erectile Disfunction
Recession/ High Gas Prices
Polio and Gout Fun for the whole family!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homo Hop & Civil Rights

Detroit rapper Trick Trick set off a fire storm in the gay community with strong hate talk towards homosexuals and the people who defend them. The gay hip hop (Homo Hop) community responded in an untypically strong defiant manner. Basically saying "We aint taking it no more" in an interview on

Here's where Im going...
Now in the wake of the passing of Proposition 8 in California, defining "marriage" as a union between a man and a woman, there have been a lot of comparisons of the Gay Rights Battle to the Civil Rights Battle. How do you feel about that? Is that a fair comparison?

Tori Fixx "Couture (CR-2)" Album Release Party from Last Offence on Vimeo.

Friday, November 14, 2008

PureMusic Charity for November:

Please go check this site out. The good man Shaun King over at Courageous Church (Morehouse Man with Passion Unparalleled) is trying to...well, watch the video. Then let's figure out a way to donate some uniforms for the kids. Every month PureMusic is going to sponsor some charitable event, and I am convinced this is the right move for November. So make a pledge in the comments section and then let's do it for the youth! God Bless You and God Bless The Courageous Church!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back To Music

Getting a little testy. Thought you needed to see my beautiful yellow face again.


The Love Above

"Plus, Obama's Church isn't a Christian Church"

Weird right? Because when it comes to Mr. President-Elect, I have actually heard it all. The conversations happening here at PureMusic HQ on Morality and Freedom are GOOD ONES. Wait...GREAT in fact, providing a much needed dialogue between conservative and liberal positions. I hope you'll read that conversation (and the MANY comments) and choose to join in. AFTER ALL, IT'S YOUR CHOICE...or is it?

One conversation I refuse to have is about Barack Obama and whether or not he is a Christian. Off General Principle I refuse to discuss slanderous allegations against anyone. Such allegations resemble the title of this post, which is an actual quote by an anonymous emailer. I'll say now that this quote has 4 or 5 in my inbox that look just like it. I can't tell you whether Barack Obama is a Christian or not, you'd have to ask him in one of your racist dreams where he shows up as the AntiChrist (Hey Devil, are you Christian?) What I can tell you for SURE is that HIS CHURCH IS A CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

And by HIS CHURCH I'm guessing you mean TRINITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, the house led by Rev. Otis Moss III, and was once led by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright? The one in Chicago? On 95th? That gives out bus passes and food vouchers to the poor? That keeps a minister on call during EVERY HOUR of its operation to ensure that ANYONE AND EVERYONE has an opportunity for pastoral care and spiritual guidance? Are we talking about the same church here?

The church that begins service every Sunday morning by praising a Christian God and worshipping a person they call JESUS CHRIST? With the huge crosses everywhere? Are they Christian? And they open up the Bible complete with 66 texts from the Christian Canon? And they baptize all in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit? And they're called TRINITY? And they open the doors at the end of each service to welcome all into the kingdom of God? Are YOU talking about the SAME church? THIS TRINITY?

The same church that dedicates a sizable portion of its annual budget for outreach and missions work NOT IN AFRICA but right here in the city of Chicago? That feeds the homeless and pays light bills for its members?

(Everyone back out of the way unless you have said this about Obama's church. Pray for me)

You've never been to Trinity. You've never seen it in person and you're too ignorant and/or lazy to watch it LIVE on the internet. You've seen 30 second clips of Rev. Wright speeches and talking points by Bill O'Reilly and you gave him your brain. YOU GAVE FOX NEWS YOUR BRAIN!!! I know I'm right about all of this, because if you had been to Trinity or even listened to a FULL SERMON you wouldn't say "Obama's Church isn't a Christian Church." You wouldn't purse your lips to say something so ignorant and racist. The man who will be president became a man worth listening to at Trinity UCC (whether he denounces, renounces, or does whatever to his membership, that WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE).

What happened to Rev. Wright is a terrible thing many shall repent for one day. He is one of the most caring and loving Christian leaders this world knows. Ask your pastor. In the prophetic tradition, he spoke against the actions of his country and encouraged all who would listen to follow in the gospel of Christ - LOVE and JUSTICE for ALL. He stood in the margins with people that would make you cross the street and roll up your windows. He preached LOVE and held hands with drug addicts and drug dealers. He stood on blocks that most folks would condemn. And he did it not because he couldn't do anything better or because he didn't know any better - he has a Ph.D from the University of Chicago - but because this is the work of Jesus.

Trinity continues to sit at the well while most churches and Christians stare from beyond and play the Pharisee (or Sadducee, or Zealot). They continue to honor the people who serve the people of God (even if those people are Muslim), and they continue to display what the UCC is all about: God is Still Speaking.

Do you even know what the UCC stands for? I warn you, it's a lot of "liberal pansy" talk but it's closer to Jesus than I've seen in a while. Check it out for yourself UCC WEBSITE

And then go have a peek at Trinity United Church of Christ

I know you don't understand why Trinity seems so angry, or why they have all that AFRICA talk (don't worry, you're having a racist moment) but try to understand what it's like to be a black person in this country. Then think about how American Christianity has done its best to hate all races, and ask yourself why a loving group of black folks on the southside of Chicago would still embrace the Jesus you know and love. It's because of places like this.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Obama, Abortion, and Freedom: A dialogue with Christian Conservatives

(it was time for us to talk right? Before I begin, let me say this is a lengthy read)

Brief abstract (so you know what you're getting into): More academic and thorough in scope, I'm hoping to respond to the numerous emails blasting J.Kwest/PureMusic for supporting President-Elect Obama. I focus this conversation on a discussion of freedom and morality, where Christianity fits in, and how lawmaking often exhibits a false morality. I argue that we cannot ban abortion or anything else, for the face of God is found in the face of opposition. Enjoy.

Millions of people around the world celebrated the victory of Sen. Barack Obama in this Election 2008. Crowds were dancing in the streets, from Chicago to Kenya, Tokyo to Mexico City; and yes, even in Iraq they were happy to usher in what we hope will be a new era of American politics.

Let this not obscure the fact that a lot of Americans are not happy about our new President-Elect. In fact, millions are angry, saddened, and deeply worried about what America may become. I now refer specifically to Christian groups that consider themselves politically conservative, citing Obama’s position on gay marriage and partial-birth abortion as reasons for their concerns. It is the reverse-Obama effect. One can only imagine what racial concerns remain, but they are upset that our country may allow abortion at any stage, or that in California there may one day be an opportunity for two of the same gender to marry. Conservatives find these trends antithetical to sound Christian doctrine; I’ve even heard President-Elect Obama been called the “AntiChrist” for these very reasons.

I’ve received no shortage of emails asking HOW I could support Obama and still claim to be a Christian. About how I could not only vote for such a man but write a song for him, and shoot a video where gays are depicted lovingly (you can see I’m losing fans here). It is absurd for conservatives to even imagine such a position; something about these past few weeks disturbs every fabric of logic in the (Christian) conservative paradigm.

Now I could talk conservative logic here, or refuse to speak on this matter at all, but this only furthers intolerance and segregation of belief. For years we have gathered in rooms where everyone agrees, condemning everyone else in the name of whatever God we serve. But those days must die. It is time for us to dialogue with the absurd.

It is true that Barack Obama supports gay marriage. He also has a position on abortion that disturbs many Christians on both sides of the aisle. He is critical of American “missionary work” in the form of foreign policy, and he wants to have peaceful dialogue with leaders who hate us. It is also true that he matured in both spirit and thought at Trinity United Church of Christ, where the leadership has always been openly critical of American politics that sponsor injustice. Everything conservatives lay against Obama as FACT is true. But the facts don’t concern me as much as the judgment that almost always follows the facts in such a way that judgment becomes integrated as fact. Critics are often too swift to cast the shadow of condemnation, thus keeping dialogue at a dull minimum.

Maybe it’ll help if we begin with where we agree. I agree that abortion is detestable at any stage of the pregnancy. Such an act violates the sanctity of life altogether much less the abundant life for which Christians strive. Abortion occurs for many reasons though – some of them pure – and it’s not our place to determine the ethics of another individual. The question here is not “Is it wrong?” but instead, “Should it be illegal?” and there’s the murky rub. This is a question of freedom, and although I know we will disagree now, I have always approached it the same way.

John Milton, author of the great English epic Paradise Lost, wrote: “I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race where that immortal garland is to be run for…that which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary…”

What is he saying? A virtue untested is not a virtue at all. It can only become virtuous in the face (and rejection) of that which is its adversary – the enemy. We’re talking about freedom here. In the Christian paradigm this gives new light to Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness; he is made righteous once he stares in the face of unrighteousness and says “NO.” Or to the idolatry of Aaron and the Israelites when they say “YES” to false idols in the form of the golden calf. They are each alike in that their morality is tested by a CHOICE. Without the choice, there can be no morality. The same hold true for Peter who CAN deny Jesus three times and Job who is righteous because he does not curse God, although he easily can.

The fact is that choice has been an issue of morality since Adam and Eve, or whenever your world began. In the lack of choices what one performs out of necessity can neither be called moral nor immoral. It simply IS.

This matters when discussing what our government should allow or prohibit. The government has many responsibilities – to make life safer; to provide more resources and opportunities for success; to uphold the basic civil liberties of its citizens. All of these are arguable. What we cannot dispute is whether the government exists to uphold morality. It does not. It cannot, for we elect diplomats to represent us and not to decide for us. Anytime your decision is taken away you are not only given a restricted freedom but you are limited in how moral you can be. Our morality is tested and tried by Freedom; Congress and Senate must make all efforts to make us as free as possible.

When the government pretends to limit freedom by citing moral cause, it is practicing a false morality. It can use laws to point us in the direction of God but it cannot be called “righteous.” Again…Choice. It is the woman who CAN get rid of her baby but decides to keep it who experiences the joy and righteousness of God. Following God requires staring in the face of that which (we believe) is not God and saying “NO.” For many Christians and especially conservatives this means an opportunity to abort, or an opportunity to do anything God may deem “Sin.”. The onus of whether people perform these acts then rests where it belongs – on moral institutions and not lawmakers. The church has gotten off for a long time blaming the government for what its congregants do.

The main reason I resist government banning of ANYTHING is because it is a dangerous path when any government pretends to be moral in its laws. Remember that “good Christianity” is responsible for over 200 years of slavery, a holocaust, and almost every major war in the history of humankind. As a nation we have been on a similar path for the past eight years, using the Christian god to justify a restriction of freedom. But we have already discussed how the Christian god is made real and accessible through freedom.

Let's be clear: America is not a Christian nation. It is a secular nation with Christian roots. And its authority comes in its laws and great citizens, NOT from Jesus on the cross. If America claims to be Christian it has to first decide what it means to be Christian and then practice this ethic across the board (banning gay marriage –and- prayer in schools doesn’t jive). But America cannot commit wholeheartedly to Christianity for it would require that we ban war and embrace the people we call “terrorists.” It would require a deep inquiry of capitalism and call for an equal distribution of wealth – what many call “socialism.” These are the ethics of a Christian nation, and also happen to be key facets of the Obama platform. He wants freedom (so you can decide for yourself), more attention to the meek of the Earth, and the eventual dissolution of American Imperialism (he’s even reading THIS right now).

As far as morality, I reflect on Reinhold Niebuhr, who suggests that it is not society’s fault (or the blame of the government) for its immoral condition but it is the immoral nature of man, at his core, that brings about our ills. Abortion, Drug Use, and Sexual Practice are not about laws but about sin at the heart, and who speaks to these matters more intentionally than any other institution? The Church, and it needs to do better.

It is true that accessibility and freedom has weakened our moral fiber, but our President-Elect is not to blame. It is our churches, mosques, and temples that have grown increasingly intolerant of the Other and resistant of human freedom. But while total freedom is dangerous, under the right leadership it can help to develop a more righteous, loving, and informed human experience. What’s at stake is a nation full of robots that blindly follow the dictates of their self-righteous government. Robots have enough of our jobs; should they absorb our morality as well?

(I have tried to respond to many of you thoughtfully, critically, and lovingly. Please respond back in kind)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Because you need a laugh...

"Horace Grant HOLLA AT ME!!!" actually laughing out loud right now


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To CHRISTIANS: Stop being scary re: Politics

Seriously...I've had EVERY blog that covers gospel hiphop tell me they aren't interested in doing political stuff. HOW ON EARTH can you relate to the masses at this point in history without having a conversation about POLITICS? Tell me how.

and we wonder why our genre is 5 years behind on EVERYTHING. Not your boy. I AM OBAMA, and if you listen to the lyrics it's clearly the message of love and inclusion that embodies the gospel of Christ. How could folks miss the mark so FAR? Pharisees...(shaking my head)

I'm upset, but only for 10 minutes, b/c Obama is going to win an election and then the CHURCH is going to speak out in full support. As always, being followers. PureMusic is about speaking to our communities and WHATEVER is going on. AND LEADING THE DIALOGUE.

What Bible are you reading?

(sorry, had to vent)

I promise my next song will say "JESUS" more, so you can stop hyperventilating...

This Week's Prayer Requests (#2)

It goes without saying we'll lift up the Election Process, as well as the other 5 candidates that appeared on my ticket...anything else PureMusic can pray for as you traverse the week? Here's mine:

-That the video will get where it needs to be. This is the tip of the iceberg; the vision is for the WORLD to see this and experience us in a real way. With God's guidance.
-All the sick and shut-in.
-Chicago. Only November and we're again the murder capital of the world.
-Tif broke her leg. I believe surg is necessary.
-Focus. For all of us. There is work to do, no matter who wins tonight (or after the lawsuits clear)

Your turn...