Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wendy's Training Video!

Actual training video. Have you had your laugh today?

Since it's -30 outside


Blogger CepEvans said...

Thank you...classic doesn't even begin to describe this one...

January 15, 2009 9:11 PM  
Blogger The LYRIKcist said...

Um, who thought this was okay? Dave Thomas, this was all your fault. Still, it gave me a good laugh.

January 16, 2009 10:24 AM  
Blogger Rese J said...

I wish they taped
1. the employees reactions while watching this
2. the board meeting that happened when that genius came up with this concept
3. A hidden camera in the back to see if anyone actually uses the rhyme to cook the burgers, lol

So, so, soooo funny none-the-less!

January 16, 2009 12:42 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

The singing meat and dude's frames did it for me.

January 16, 2009 11:51 PM  

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