Friday, March 13, 2009

On the End of Social Networking...

While earning sore thumbs last night with Clark and B (Street Fighter 4 is insane), we started talking about Twitter and how insane it has become.

In fact, you should hear @EazieDuzit and @Clarknyss holla at celebs on Twitter like they live next door...had to get that one in.

It's infectious. The access is undeniable, it's easy, and it's fun. Reminds me of Facebook.

Which reminds me of MySpace.

Which reminds me of BlackPlanet, and it's cousin Mi Gente, which everybody jumped on anyway just to holla at PR women (I outed us)

Which reminds me of Friendster ('02), ('95), and Six Degrees of Separation ('97)

A million sites where people get RE-ACQUAINTED. I remember a time when people were simply ACQUAINTED. We spend so much time talking to the world that our closest friends often get lost in the mix. I'll confess: one of my best friends, "Peepers", I haven't spoken to in over a week. Yesterday I sent ?uestlove from the Roots (@qoolquest) a message saying something to the effect of "haha" or something else useless and patronizing, in response to one of his MILLION useless tweets. Many of us haven't spoken to our own family in some time but have reached out to our "auxiliary" many times this week. I know why. We are working hard to make whatever our dream is relevant to the rest of the world. That's fine, but do keep your relationships of worth ("core") at the forefront. Just a friendly reminder; that's not what this post is about.

Our conversation switched from "what happens after Twitter?" to what happens after SOCIAL NETWORKING PERIOD? I mean, there was life before networking sites (how on Earth did Michael Jackson get famous without the internet? Oh wait...) and this season of our fickle history is certain to end.

WHAT DO YOU THINK is going to happen after social networking? To relationships? When folks have to shake hands and go to lunch again? Catharsis indeed. When is social networking too far? Has a relationship of yours been damaged by (insert site here)? How much is too much? So what happens next??? (Play Nostradamus for a second, but never "NAStradamus")

Pick any of these questions and GO.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heelarious Dog Nightmare

No disrespect to dog owners in the PureMusic Community, but this is too funny to pass up

Monday, March 2, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse

Just saw this on Twitter...end of the world is near.


And NO, it's not porn. It's so girls without can get a butt. Basically, it's Fat Pills.