Thursday, April 30, 2009


This came out on Trinity's Blog/Podcast a couple of days ago, so I wanted to share with you. Their blog is one of the more interesting in the city; I'm glad to be a part of what they do. Enjoy some candid conversation and a verse I had written EARLIER THAT DAY.

Quick Disclaimer: I could not have been MORE tired, so I'm going to sound a bit discombobulated (been waiting to pull that one out). I had about 500 pages of Calvin in my head and was trying to move out of that space. The result is what you hear: Real, but lacking my usual savvy. Lov

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We're booking dates now for the summer and I wanted to reach out to YOU so we can fit in with your org./church's plans. Quickly, already we have booked dates in the following cities:

Knoxville, TN
Charlotte, NC
New York City (Get a rope!)
Los Angeles
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL

We'll be in NY and LA for two weeks, so if let me know of any events you have coming up in your church/community/whatever THIS SUMMER. We'll work it into the PUREMUSE Summer Tour.

IF you want to keep it cool still, hit us PRIVATELY:



J.Kwest (also doing the message)
Tribe of Judah

Giveaways all night. Free. No Dress Code. BRING YOUR PEOPLE!

As you can see, this is going to be INSANE, and we'll have a good time in the kingdom.

If you are in the Chicago area, these next couple of weeks are going to be exciting for PureMusic. This event, plus the FLASHLIGHT VIDEO SHOOT on May 8th at Merchandise Mart (Wells and Wacker on the other side of the River) WE WANT YOU THERE! For more details:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We can't feed our kids?!?

Pure Music community please chime in on this. I'm sure you all heard about the ridiculous Popeye's special last week. Take a look at this video and comment.

Take a look at the news peoples faces at the end of the story. All the more embarrassing...

Monday, April 27, 2009


Finally, after months and months of work on this project, we are at the point to let everyone in on what we have in store for "the World".

Batman & Batman is a much talked about project that we are all are very excited about and here is the 1st single, Flashlight. This song was produced by our family and PureMusic Blog contributor Rob Gaines and it also features our extended family member AB (

Be on the lookout for many new updates and much more music from this project in the coming weeks!

Also, we are shooting the video for this single beginning this week but if anyone is interested in being a part of the Flashlight video which will be shot on Friday, May 8th, please contact us at

Please comment and let us know what you think. Blessings!

Verbal Kwest-Flashlight ft. AB (produced by Rob Gaines)

YSG Timothy - "Walls" ft. J.Kwest, Theory Hazit (prod. by Tony Stone)

Months ago I mentioned a verse I did where I spit the CONTRA CODE. Well, here 'tis. You can guess from the lineup it's nuts. Be blessed by the free download...

"WALLS" ft. J.Kwest, Theory Hazit, Tony Stone (DOWNLOAD)

Simply put, YSG Timothy is good people. Chicago and Indiana are very familiar with the flow. Now it's time for the PM Community to catch up. Below is a promo video for his new album "Class of '94" which you can support HERE

Much Love to YSG, DJ Rhino (Revolution Church in Gary, IN), Theory Hazit (got another one with him coming too), and Tony Stone (let's bless something man).

SHARE WITH THE WORLD and support this man!

The Remnant - "Catch Your Breath" ft. J.Kwest, manCHILD, Pigeon John (YIKES!!!)

Just a lot of good rapping. HHH heads know what it is. Here's the Link
"Catch Your Breath" featuring J.Kwest, manCHILD, Pigeon John

The Remnant hail from Atlanta, GA (all Morehouse grads) and were the first group to give me my own set in ATL. It was 2003 and I had just dropped "Feed The Kids" (and by "dropped" I mean "recorded in my dorm room through a PC microphone") and Remnant were extra supportive out the gate. They were on "CAJO ENT" (Canton Jones' original setup - much love). We performed anywhere we could; mostly Spelman. Now THE REMNANT is on some next level and are blessing cats. I was HONORED to be asked to be on their latest.

"PB&J" can be purchased HERE and pretty much everywhere else.

"Catch Your Breath" is correct! Support these cats. Lov

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rules for the Society of Negroes (1693)

Taken from "African-American Christian Worship" by Dr. Melva Costen, who is a leader in the field of Christian liturgy and gospel music. In the Appendix is this little piece; a "reward" for reading? Not sure, but I LOVED seeing it. You tell me if some black folks wrote it or not. Again, 1693. America.

We the Miserable Children of Adam, and of Noah, thankfully Admiring and Accepting the Free-Grace of GOD, that Offers to Save us from our Miseries, by the Lord Jesus Christ, freely Resolve, with His Help, to become the Servants of that Glorious LORD.
And that we may be Assisted in the Service of our HEAVENLY MASTER, we now Join together in a SOCIETY, wherein the following RULES are to be observed.

I. It shall be our Endeavor, to Meet in the Evening after the Sabbath; and Pray together by Turns, one to Begin, and another to Conclude the Meeting; and between the two Prayers, a Psalm shall be sung; and a Sermon Repeated.

II. Our coming to the Meeting, shall never be without the Leave of such as have power over us; and we will be Careful, that our Meeting may begin and conclude between the hours of Seven and Nine; and that we may not be unseasonably Absent from the Families whereto we pertain.

III. As we will, with the Help of God, at all Times avoid all Wicked Company, so we will Receive none into our meeting, but such as have sensibly Reformed their LIves from all manner of Wickedness. And therefore, none shall be admitted, without the Knowledge and Consent of the Minister of God in this Place; unto whom we will also carry every Person, that seeks for admission among us; to be by Him Examined, Instructed and Exhorted.

IV. We will, as often as may be, Obtain some Wife and Good Man, of the English in the Neighborhood, and especially the Officers of the Church, to look in upon us, and by their Presence and Council, do what they think fitting for us.

V. If any of our Number, fall into the Sin of Drunkenness, or Swearing, or Cursing, or Lying, or Stealing, or notorious Disobedience or Unfaithfulness into their Masters, we will Admonish him of his Miscarriage, and Forbid his coming to the Meeting, for at least one Fortnight; And except he then come with great Signs and Hopes of his Repentance, we will utterly Exclude Him, with Blotting his Name out of our list.

VI. If any of our Society Defile himself with Fornication, we will give him our Admonition; and so, debar him from the Meeting, at least HALF A YEAR: Nor shall he Return to it, ever any more, without Exemplary Testimonies of his becoming a New Creature.

VII. We will, as we have Opportunity, set ourselves to do all the Good we can, to the other Negro-Servants in the Town; And if any of them should, at unfit Hours, be Abroad, much more, if any of them should Run Away from their Masters, we will afford them no Shelter: But we will do what in us lies, that they may be discovered, and punished. And if any of us, are found Faulty, in this Matter, they shall be no longer of me.

VIII. None of our Society shall be Absent from our Meeting, without giving a Reason of the Absence; and if it be found, that any have pretended unto their Owners, that they came unto the Meeting, when they were otherwise and elsewhere Employ'ed, we will faithfully Inform their owners, and also do what we can to Reclaim such person from all such Evil Courses for the Future.

IX. It shall be expected from every one in the Society, that he learn the Catechism: And therefore, it shall be one of our exercises, for one of us, to ask the Questions, and for all the rest in their Order to say the Answers in the Catechism; Either, The New-English Catechism, or the Assemblies Catechism, or the Catechism in the Negro Christianized.


THOUGHTS? Any phrase or sentence stick out at you? I couldn't help but read and think, "Wow. We still act this way, and we're not even slaves anymore."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

PM DIGS: Cornel West Interviews Lupe Fiasco

From the Festival of Faith and Music at Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI), which happened a few days for audio below. A great "takeaway" is their discussion on telling the truth and Lupe saying "If I have four seconds of lie in sixty minutes of truth then I would rather they don't remember any of it."

Cornel West Interviews Lupe Fiasco

HOW ON EARTH WASN'T I THERE? My goodness that will NEVER happen again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Revenge Of The Nerds!!

So I guess the techies at Complex thought Kanye took too much credit for the Complex cover so they made this little video from thecomputer generated images...HILLARIOUS!!!

Kanye Dance from SWAY Studio on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

09 Lent Challenge Check-In

Gave up the world huh? Still hanging in there? Please let us know how you're doing.