Monday, May 25, 2009

Take your shirt off for the summer...Next Summer

Its time to get right ya'll! I know its long but check out the whole thing. The end is the 7 Pounds.

Take the scared?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"I Be Rappin Joe"

Today is the birthday of THE Notorious B.I.G. so why not celebrate with some heat I did over one of his beats...
One of the best verses you'll ever hear if I must say so myself..

Click HERE to download

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tammy McCann on Chicago Tonight! My Cousin!

Clips from Chicago Tonight, who recently had my cousin Tammy McCann come on and sing. She has a wonderful voice. For the longest we've been trying to make music together, just looking for the right vibe. Congrats cuzzo!!!

Looking for cleaner copies of the full performance now. she did two full songs

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Help Me Obi-Wan..." (Pastors in 3-D now?)

"You're my only hope"

I was in the MLK Chapel Library today talking with some folks about my research fellowship with FTE (probably haven't mentioned this yet; it's a travel grant so I can research Strategies for Ministry to Youth in the Context of Oppression (for reasons of Class, Race, Sexuality, Gender, or any combination of a bunch of stuff). Someone starts talking about Buckhead Church and their mega youth ministry (imagine a more hip Willow Creek). Apparently they have about 15 churches all started by the same guy.

Man, it must be tough to be the pastor of 15 different churches...hmmm...PROBLEM SOLVED.

Instead of choosing another pastor, I'll use a HOLOGRAM. It'll look like I'm there...

Slate Magazine covered the article early last year. Excellent read, and there are a number of good entry points for dialogue here. Check it out for yourself.

We can discuss it, but I think it's a TERRIBLE IDEA and absolutely destroys the concept of Church.

1. There's something right about the concept of many pastors sharing the same vision, or working for the same purpose. I'm not crazy about early church history (and especially its engagement and coalition with the State), but hundreds of years earlier the APOSTLES did something RIGHT. This is a BODY of Christ, all with different gifts and values (c. Ephesians)
2. Diversity is RUINED.
3. We'll come very close to creating demigods here, or to having pastors competing for churches. Tough to explain here, but when I read "he's shooting for 60 churches by 2010"...something about "shooting for" a church puts his success on social and cultural terms more than what is happening SPIRITUALLY in each of these churches. Then again, this is the Emergent Church. And they do two things incredibly well...borrow from culture and start new churches.

FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE WITH ME HERE. I need to hear the other side of this.


Friday, May 15, 2009

For the Dreamers...

New journal entry from BreevEazie...
"What does that line "Wrote my dreams in permanent marker, wrote my plans in pencil" mean?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Every May 13th I sit and reflect on what WAS and what definitely WASN'T over the past year, and as I prepare to turn 26 tomorrow I figured, WHY NOT MAKE THEM PUBLIC? In the spirit of Twitter and blogging, I hence tell all the bizness. If I help, all to the good. Alas...


-HAVE TACT. I have none. In fact, the more hesitant I am to say something, the less tact I have. This year some of the most important things on my mind and heart were said in the most foolish ways. I wasted a LOT of good words this year.

-SAY NO. I tried it more, and I grew a lot. Some days I just chilled and did nothing and that was great (I had like 8 days like that). Back when MTV had "Diary" Jay-Z said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Only a rich man and a fool go by these laws.

-SAY NO TWICE. At 25 I learned I can have anything I put my mind to. So can you. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Protect your spirit by saying NO to the things and people who are toxic. You'll look and feel like a jerk, and you will grow tremendously.

-RESULTS. At this point in life, that's all people are looking for. Dreams are fun but in a recent verse BreevEazie reminded me that we often "write our dreams in permanent marker and our plans in pencil." I was stunned to reflect on how many things I had HOPED to do and how little I had gone about MAKING HAPPEN. Midway through 25 I switched it up and wrote down my dreams and EXACTLY what needed to happen. I bought a HUGE dry-erase board (like 8 ft. huge- $7 a sheet from Home Depot) and everyday it kept me in perspective. What am I doing and WHY. If it's not important enough to put on the board, I PROMISE YOU it's important enough to toss away.

-GRIEVE YOUR LOSSES. In Pastoral Care class I learned about something called "Incomplete Grief." It's when we pretend to be ok about losses we've experienced and haven't fully gone through the process of grief. You would be amazed at how many people INCLUDING YOURSELF are in the middle of an incomplete grieving process RIGHT NOW. For a person or a thing. A situation or a lifestyle. Years ago or weeks ago. When Ant Pharm "died" I was around people who helped me pretend I was okay. This was my best friend in music and a fellow PureMusic visionary (no one understood it like he does). It wasn't until I got alone and away from the noise that I realized how hurt I was. Completing that process opened me up to relationships with some great musicians, and it reminded me that it's OKAY TO MISS SOMETHING. Hope for the return? Maybe...but going through the process allowed me to find my brother again.

-"TEAM". The most important word...and I have a good one. They think about doing a lot of stuff (and they write A LOT in pencil too) and they help give form and function to my life. You must have a good team around, and everyone in that team must lead in some way. We shot the Obama video with a GOOD TEAM. These folks (and I could name them all) are my FAMILY and I love them and pray for them daily. We do a lot of good and even a bit of "tsk-tsk" TOGETHER. No man is an island. FIND YOUR TEAM.

On the other hand...

-YOUR TEAM HAS A TEAM. People don't work for me. They give because they believe in my vision. Often they have failed when I have asked them to do things. This year I learned that NO ONE WILL WORK HARDER THAN ME ON MY DREAM. I am my manager and publicist. I book my shows and arrange my travel. If I see myself in a particular newspaper or website, it's up to ME to make the call or the email. For better or worse, I have stopped delegating altogether. Folks have a family, with dreams and vices of their own. They will help, but when it's time for you to go to the Cross, you are going ALONE. I had a trust issue for a long time and kind of went in the other extreme this year hoping to correct it; I trusted naively. NOW I only trust folks to do their best, myself included.

And my LOVE and appreciation for my TEAM has grown tenfold.

Two more...

-SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY. At 25 you are a hero to someone in your family. You are also needed by someone. Take the time to call and visit. Go out of your way. If you love someone, make sure they know that. Death to "YOU ALREADY KNOW"...chances are they don't.

-LOVeLIFe...cause you only get one to love right? Love the good and bad. In the end it's all a wash and God is amazing.

I take 25 years with me into tomorrow, loving every minute and every experience. I can do more and be more wise and effective at 26, and I intend to do so...WHO'S WITH ME!!!!


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Flashlight Ringtones!!!!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flashlight Video Shoot (Photos)

Whattup PureMusic Community! For those of you who were unable to make it out to the video shoot on Friday, I wanted to share with you several photos I took that evening. PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Countdown to the Video

Batman, Batman, Batgirl and....Alfred?
Scour the city looking for the perfect look for the "Flashlight" video shoot this Friday...

Check this video out and see how we get fresh...

Knocking these haters out like BOOM! BAM! BIFF!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Verbal Kwest - "DROP" (Exclusive!!!)

Fresh off the press...Recorded yesterday, ready today
Just a little teaser from the Batman & Batman project...BE EXCITED!!!
Bump this on the way to the video shoot! WE WANT YOU!!
Come out and have fun with Verbal Kwest

But for now check this joint out and tell us what you think. Leave a comment here AND at (Show my page some love...I KNOW you havent been there)

DOWNLOAD LINK: Verbal Kwest - "Drop" Freestyle

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