Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good guys win

Whats up PM Family?

Okay, its been a while but I feel like the PM Blog is like a confessional. Also, my co-worker is bumping John Coltrane in the background, which, of course inspires me to write.

I was pissed yesterday. I have this crazy thing with disrespect. I don't like to be disrespected and I try my mightiest not to disrespect others. Yesterday, via twitter some folks got out of hand. I was baited into a Cubs vs. White Sox debate which turned out to just be a reckless assault against @clarknyss. (shout out to @mrkwest for coming with the support)

For the record I don't care what team you root for especially if Reinsdorf and the boys aren't sharing any profits with you. (When you start referring to a major league team as "We" THAT's when I'll cut conversations off henceforth) Anyway, some names got hurled at me on a personal tip, which I don't do because I know what things can lead to.

I don't like unnecessary confrontation because I've seen people get killed over it. Truthfully, the last two REAL confrontations I had, one person did die and the other one, someone possibly could have. In this case, I was ready to punch somebody the next time I saw them.


I woke up still upset but decided to ask God the best way to handle it. I was ready to be DONE with social networking. He talked to me about how the enemy attacks when we are moving in the right direction and how the gift of communication he gave me will NOT be wasted. Because I was obedient, I passed on the words he gave to me and put up a status that reflected his words. I think I may have touched a few people as the replies came in.

It's easy to get masked of Gods way when anger sets in, but his WAY, the Christian way is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the better way to go. I also met some new people via the replies. Blessings

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Let me start by naming my bias...S.O.M (Sons of the Most High) are my people. Emcees Gideon and J-Ark hail from Chicago, our churches are right next door to each other (tell me how that works), and we are both "regulars" on the Chi-Town HHH scene. If I didn't tell you they were from Chicago you'd know that for yourself 2 minutes into this bad fella. These dudes can go on the M-I-C, plus they are extra sincere about the content. The fact that it's for God makes it even better. Their ministry is gonna make some noise and if we at PureMusic can help in any way, let's DOWNLOAD THIS, listen, and leave a review for them to have some notes. Some of yall are the most critical ears I know. Link to download below.

Track Listing:

3 Peat free style
The Realest
Stumping on They Head
I Believe
Red Bandana
More Than Enough
Walk Right
Ain't I
Bump In Ya Coup
All I Wanted
Still Love You
In Exchange
On 10
Auto Tune
Rep'A Remix
The Answer
Stepping Stone



Monday, July 20, 2009

The New York Experience (Pt. 1)

No VH1, but I did LOVE New York.

Maybe because I stayed in Times Square for 10 days.

Or because the good people at the Lilly Endowment and Fund for Theological Education paid for it, and this awesome camera.

Or because it wasn't Grand Rapids, which was about as fun as balancing a checkbook.

Definitely because moms and lil bro came for the first 4 days. We realized at dinner one night that we had NEVER been on vacation together before. That's what hustling and raising two big head yellow kids will do to you. So it was good to see her have fun, better to be treated to dinner (anyone who pays for my dinner, and it's not ramen noodles, is my BEST FRIEND).

(Moms outside Mesa Grill, where Bobby Flay made us Mango bacon)


Anyway, this was an opportunity not only for me to put in some work on the PureMusic side while fellowship'ing with wonderful young people across the city, it was a chance for me to BE STILL, DO NOTHING, and Hear from God in some new ways (when is the last time you were STILL?) Between the final year of the Master's degree, huge decisions looming, and the general hustle of LIFE, it was necessary for me to chill out and reflect, LEARN and not DO for a few days. That's what happened. Below are a few thoughts, some that came about randomly, others more specific, all crucial to development...IN MY OWN VOICE

1 - "Giving kids popsicles in the projects CAN'T BE all you do" (I get it, ministry is about meeting immediate needs, but what white folks don't get about urban youth is that they need pizza -AND- Care (i.e. an opp to confront the confusion, fear, and anger that is a part of their daily existence). They actually need that MORE than pizza and popsicles.

2 - "Sometimes You Gotta Tie Loose Ends" Long ago I met a wonderful woman named TC. Long story short, TC was great, I did her wrong anyway. We made up, but not officially (saying "sorry" via email doesn't work, no matter how long that email is), and she moved to NY. Mature adults tie loose ends, period. We met up and did that. Should I ever become worthy of an autobiography, I'll say MUCH MORE about LOOSE ENDS, and not the group.


3 -"Mothers are ALWAYS right." She wanted to take one of those double-decker tour bus joints. I refused and went to sleep. She said I'd regret it. I did, and they had so much fun I went on one the next day. It strikes me how RIGHT mothers usually are. Her intuition scares me. Yall gotta feel me here. Sometimes she's wrong, but she's always right. Call your mother right now and thank her.

4 - "That Harry Potter movie sucked" No I didn't read the books, so No I don't get how I was supposed to so I could enjoy this movie. Any movie that requires a book is not a movie, it's a VISUAL AID. If you like watching Teenagers kiss, you'll LOVE this movie. Other than that, cop this in the barber shop.

(dressing like characters from movies? NO SIR)

5 - "Where is @Leighdav?" We finally met up, the DAY before I left. Also, shouts to Torian and @Jovizi, and all of SPELHOUSE.

6 - "HOW/WHY did I do that?" I need to leave that there. Suffice it to say, being a MATURE ADULT is sometimes about NOT doing something you really want to do. Believe it or not you can learn great lessons without experience too.

7 - "@Clarknyss should be standing here RIGHT NOW" And by "here," I mean next to Cornel West, Eddie Glaude, and David Kim. All brilliant minds and looking to pick young brains.

8 - "THIS ORGANIZATION IS A MESS" I'm talking about the NAACP now, which turned 100. I should say more here, but I'll wait for a moment. They deserve their own post. I have never had more "SMH" moments than the limited time I was around the NAACP. Love me some them though.

That's ALL for now. PART 2 of this will include some details about my time with Cornel West, as well as two great convos with Dr. Gary Simpson (Brooklyn) and Cliff Simmons (Harlem). You NEED to know about them, and you need to know "MORAL CONSTIPATION" and "ETHICAL DIARRHEA." Those belong in the pantheon of great images. Like THIS one, between West and my namesake, Julian Bond.

and THIS one, with Tonex (@T0N3X)...collab in the works AS WE SPEAK.
OR THIS, with me, Dr. West, and He Who Runs Morehouse

We had fun. It seems surreal reflecting, but in the words of Braille, I'm a "blessed man." More TOMORROW. Love.

From the J.Kwest Vault: "DEFROSTING" (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Simple. I took 5 Dilla beats, wrote 5 complete songs, and mixed together snippets for a 10-minute mix called "DEFROSTING." We leaked this on the blog about a year ago and got a couple hundred downloads, but now that more folks are on board with PureMusic I wanted to drop it again. A lot of what PureMusic means is in these 5 joints. This is too crazy to go unnoticed. If you like, I might release the full versions of all of these.

By the way, the 3rd is my favorite. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD LINK: J.Kwest - "Defrosting (with Dilla)"

Tell a friend and tell again. We does this.

Verbal Kwest Photo Shoot (HIGHLIGHTS)

A couple weeks ago BreevEazie and I decided we wanted to have our face on the cover of "Batman & Batman" instead of something digital. So we called the champ, @NextByRaphael, who directed the "I Am (Obama)" video, jumped in the car, found some spots, and went to work. Plus, we needed some promo stuff. Here are some highlights of the 360+ photo shoot.


CEP (doing awesome managerial duties)


Just keeping you posted. Breeve knew you wanted to see his handsome face.


PM's "You Need To Have": TIC TAC TOE TEN

That's a mouthful, I know. There's a new iPhone/iPodTouch game called "Tic Tac Toe Ten" which I love for like 8 different reasons. Besides the fact that my boy Brandon Middleton developed it, it's gaining massive popularity and for good reason. You've played Tic Tac Toe, but not on 10 different boards, and not at the same time. The concept is simple, but this is a THINKING WOMAN'S GAME (in general, men don't think). Watch this tutorial video.

My homie Brandon has recently developed a slick new iPhone/iPod Touch game app just in time for the new iPhone 3GS called “Tic Tac Toe Ten”. It’s a pretty fresh game with an interesting spin on the regular game of Tic Tac Toe, so I’ll let him explain in his own words how it all works:

Take something simple and make it only difficult, like the admin building at a HBCU (if you know, you know). You can play against the compute (and lose like I did) or play against a friend (and lose to me). Try this game out. Definitely a must have for iPhone/iPod Touch users.

Links to download:

iTunes Store (CLICK HERE)

Facebook Fan Page (CLICK HERE, let him know how you feel about it)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here are some joints we decided to put out that have been previously unreleased. Mostly BreevEazie with some of BreevEazie's favorite J Kwest Unreleased joints and some songs that arent going to make Batman & Batman but are still Dope! THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MIXTAPE RELEASE! Just something to keep you until B&B gets done. Enjoy & Comment!

CLICK HERE to download

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DOA Freestyle - BreevEazie

Ill be dropping a collection of unreleased recordings later this week so I decided to do 1 new one to kinda keep it fresh! This joint will not be an official mixtape, just some free stuff for the fans. Batman & Batman is coming along VERY nicely and should be ready for the hood soon! Love yall and enjoy!

CLICK HERE to Download